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May 30, 2008 01:28 PM

Tonic water

Here goes, me very first post.....does anyone know where to buy Q tonic water in Montreal/ surrounding areas. Or even Fever-Tree, Stirrings, tonic water. Thanks. I never thought I was drinking a can of regular pop to go with my gin, until I looked closely at the sugar content in the tonic water I get from the supermarket....C Dry, Schwepps etc which are loaded with corn syrup sweetner. I should have clued in because whenever I have offered a G&T to friends that has never tried it, they seem to not mind it at all.

For the gin fans, I have recently tried the Hendricks gin from Scotland......very smooth, tasted side by side with Bombay Sapphire, which packed a whollop compared to Hendricks. I think it is because Bombay has more botanicals in it. Hmmm, I am yet to taste the cucumber and rose petal infusion in Hendricks. However, it was pretty novel dropping a slice of cucumber (yeah, yeah I know this is sacrilage to the hard core G&T drinkers) in my G&T instead of the usual lime/lemon. I love the smell and taste of cucumber, so it was a nice change.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. If you go to their web site you can find where to shop for q tonic in the availibilty section.

      1. When out for cocktails in Montreal, I know that Q Tonic is offered at the following establishments: Joe Beef and Liverpool House, Kaizen Sushi, L'Orignal, and Burgundy Lion. Cheers!

        1. I like Hendrick's, but in a way it's a bit wasted when put in a G&T - the subtlety of the flavors get lost in there.

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            There's a discussion of good cocktails made with Hendrick's here.


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              Hendricks is my favorite for martinis just for that reason, but oh my, it is smooth and delicious.

            2. Boucherie Chez Vito (corner Fairmount and St. Urbain)sells both the large and small bottles. I saw them there last week.