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May 30, 2008 12:58 PM

Olive Garden's Culinary Institute in Tuscany?!

Seen the latest Olive Garden commericals where they advertise that their chefs are schooled in the "secrets of Italian cooking" in Tuscany? Seemed hard to believe until I checked out their website and apparently it's true. Anyone tried one of these Tuscan inspired dishes lately at their local strip mall?

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  1. McD's has a hamburger university, it doesn;t make their food any good. Given that most of the stuff prepared by OG comes out of a can, box or freezer bag, what exactly do you think the curriculum is in Italy? Wouldn't you feel bad after going to Italy and sneaking out of the dorm for a real italian meal only to go back to the USA to serve what they serve?

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      the elite mcdonald's managers step through a magic door into mcdonald land. mayor mccheese then presents them with the key to the city, and the grimace sings a song about french fries.

    2. I was reading the local paper( small town in SW Ontario) and saw a blurb and Mr. So and So would like to announce their grandson just came back from attending the OG culinary academy in Tuscany. I know its a small town and everthing( and I'm from a big city in the US), I laughed to myself. I mean, call me a food snob, but I wouldnt be proud of that.

      1. "And today class, we will be learning the proper way of storing our processed food in Food Saver storage bags..."

        1. I have actually eaten at Olive Garden several times and it's really decent food. Especially when I am in out of the way places, it is refreshing to have the choice. Do I prefer to keep my local Italian entrepreneurs here in San Francisco in business versus a big company?, sure, but when our kids were younger this was a great spot, just like Chevy's (which is right next door, so we'd see which waiting list went faster). Never regretted having the food one bit. We were always pleasantly surprised.

          1. olive garden isn't terrible. it's just uninteresting and inoffensive.

            my parents love it and drag me there all the time.