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refrigeration unit not working

dock May 30, 2008 12:54 PM

I have a small unit that I installed about 12 years ago from the Wine Enthusiast. It is built into a sheetrock wall in a cellar I built. It still drains water but it stopped blowing cold air. The cellar is well insulated so it never gets above 70 but I would love to just have it working again. I believe it just needs freon or whatever they use these days, but I had 2 HVAC people tell me that its a contained unit and it can't be fixed. Any thoughts?

  1. Bill Hunt May 30, 2008 09:06 PM

    Might want to first contact the mfgr., to see if there is a service outlet in your area. Depending on the mfgr., this might turn into a "Catch-22." I had a WhisperKool 8000 unit, but the mfgr. would not let the service company (their warranty company), touch the unit. It had to be packaged up and shipped back to them, even though that particular unit was only 3 mos. old. Since June in AZ is not easy on wine, I bought a dual-stage unit, and only after it was up and running, did I ship the WhisperKool back. It was repaired, under warranty, and is now my back up, in case my dual-stage unit crumps. It depends so much on your mfgr., In my case, should I ever build another cellar, guess which units I will not use. Yeah, right, WhisperKool/Vinotheque. They are interested in sales, but have no concept of service. You wine can just bake, or you can invest in a half-ton of dry ice, until they "get around to it."


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