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Any restaurant in New England-- any suggestions?

My roommate just recently gave me an interesting birthday gift-- Any restaurant in New England at any time for whatever meal I want. I've been in the industry in Boston for some time but definitely have a lot of places to experience. Where would you go if you had this opportunity? I need suggestions!

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  1. Blantyre in Lenox. Hands down.

    1. Hmmmm, maybe the Cooper Beech Inn in Ivoryton, CT. Or perhaps the Jasmine Bistro in Brighton if I wanted to stay closer to home.



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        copper beach lost their sous chef and chef several months ago. dicey to say the least

      2. I would have to say Arrows in Ogunquit, Maine. One of my favorites as my family has vacationed in York Beach for years.


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          Great food at Arrows if you can stand the pretentious attitude. It was just way too much for me to stand.

        2. I agree with Arrows; or the Golden Lamb Buttery (northeastern CT) if you can't face Oguinquit in summertime.

          1. Agree with Arrows in Ogunquit. Not just good food- a very beautiful place with gorgeous gardens and many vegetables grown in the garden on the menu.

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              Seeing that you are in Boston , I would try Abe and Louie's in down town. Web site to follow(http://www.abeandlouies.com/index.cfm...) I love steak and this place was as good as gets. Earle Ct.

            2. A couple up here in Vermont:

              The Inn at Shelburne Farms
              Hen of the Wood (I just posted a review).

              3 hours from Boston.

              1. Hemingway's in Killington, VT was pretty special (and romantic) for us. We sat in a nook next to a fireplace. It's one of those smallish, slightly different places and off the beaten path. I have to say that I am somewhat new to NE but I have dined at some great places in NYC, Boston, Hartford and New Haven so Hemingway's is not a stretch. It's not one of those places with "a view" from the restaurant but the area is great.

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                  Oh I so agree with Hemingway's. We had an anniversary dinner there and it was simply - wonderful! There may not be a "view" but once you're inside you're in a place that feels comfortable, elegant and very special. Plus the food is every bit as good as the best restaurant any where.

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                    The wine tasting dinners at Hemingway's are great!!

                2. I'd recommend the Blue Heron in Sunderland MA. Two hours from Boston, in an old New England brick meeting house building. Fabulous food and lovely atmosphere, perfect spot for a drive into some nice countryside as well. http://www.blueherondining.com/

                  1. 555 in Portland, ME
                    Bespoke or Union League in New Haven, CT

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                      Er.. I was thinking Union League Cafe, so I second that one. Guess I gotta do Bespoke soon. God, this research is tough.

                    2. White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport, Me.

                      Arrows is on my list but haven't been yet.