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May 30, 2008 12:34 PM

Martha's Vineyard harborside bars

Anyone know of any popular harborside bars, with outdoor space and great views (of the water), anywhere on the vineyard?

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  1. Downtown Oak Bluffs along the harbor: There are several bars along this harbor that offer water views (and boat views). In addition, if you drive up toward the beach (pass Giordano's on your right), you take a left at the top of the road and follow that road (sorry, I can't remember street names) you will come along a couple of bars that offer open ocean views. In Edgartown, I have been on the second floor of the Seafood Shanty that offered views of the ocean. Only Oak Bluffs and Edgartown have bars so those are the only two towns you will find any bars with ocean views.

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      We used to schedule an annual weekday lunch at the Boathouse Bar in Edgartown (now closed). Forget the food, which was just OK, but the view was great. We've since moved the annual event away from MV. I know the new owners of the Navigator complex were planning to demolish the building but I've lost track. Does anyone know what has happened at that location (Main Street by the harbor)?

      1. re: Blondie NE

        The Navigator was sold to a group of investors who have gutted the place and rebuilt it as part of a private club. (There will be a place at South beach w pool and tennis as well). I infer from newspaper articles that it will be open to the public, but have not heard anything more specific. The Navigator was on its last legs - RIP.

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          Thanks for the update, thos. So I understand it will now be called The Atlantic, and Boathouse will be the private club upstairs. I wonder if the view has been preserved and if the food will improve.

          1. re: Blondie NE

            It's the same view. There's now a public walkway going around along the docks. From the looks of things, it's not going to be open in the near future, but there's always action going on, with lots of trucks and people hard at work.