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May 30, 2008 12:14 PM

Orlando area cooking classes

I am in the process of moving to Orlando. I am looking for good places to take cooking classes and was hoping that someone here would have recommendations.

What I am looking for is something geared towards recreational cooks, perhaps something offered by a culinary store or an interactive demonstration program at a local restaurant. Just something where the finished product you learn would be good, chow-worthy food.

I am pretty open to locations around Orlando as I'm trying to learn the area. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Orlando has very little of what you're looking for. Truffles & Trifles in Orlando's College Park neighborhood has one-time classes, as does ChefMagic, Julia
    Julia Anita Strimple
    Etiquette & Cuisine Educator, Speaker, Author & Broker
    D l 407.484.7378 F l 407.877.9719
    W l

    Williams-Sonoma, the restaurant Roy's, Chamberlin's health food stores--all have occasional lessons.

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    1. re: rudykins

      I know in Miami, every Sunday in the month of June that William Sonoma is offering a class at 11am.

    2. The food page of the Orlando Weekly mentioned those Truffles & trifles classes in an article about non-boring Mothers' Day gifts:

      The article mentions classes on sushi, tapas and summer soups.

      1. I've been to several truffles and trifles classes over the years, would highly recommend them.

        Marci, the owner and instructor, is a doll and you will walk out of there with a great recipe packet and a full stomach. The classes are 20 or so people, there are various stations around the kitchen. At the end of the class, you sit down and eat with the group.

        The last class Hubby and I attended (yes, who would have thought!) was an appetizer class so we ate the stuff as it was ready, like a party. It was a fun night and those T&T classes are one of the only times hubby dives in to cook.

        If only I could harness that same cooking magic at home! Calendar is online and updated regularly, she holds classes almost every night of the week.

        :) Cheers!

        1. The Disney institute.
          You might also consider contacting the local ACF chapter. You can hire a personal chef for in home cooking demos.

          Maybe for a class or two?

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          1. re: Docsknotinn

            The Disney Institute discontinued their cooking classes awhile back. Bummer, as they were great.

            If you want Disney cooking classes, you have to go on a cruise now.

            From Disney Institute FAQ:

            Do you have courses on cooking or animation?
            Although these were offered at one time at the Walt Disney World® Resort , Disney Institute now features only business programs based on the core competencies of The Walt Disney Company and we are delighted to have expanded these offerings to the Disneyland® Resort and beyond. Also, you can find fabulous personal enrichment programs available on a Disney Cruise Line voyage. Visit

            1. re: Docsknotinn

              We currently are not offering any public cooking classes out here at Orlando Culinary.
              I used to teach at Truffles and Trifles and yes, it really seems to be what you are looking for. The space really is fantastic! Make sure you bring a bottle of wine!
              Also, Young Chefs Academy does adult classes. (I think there is one location at Hunter's Creek and one in Winter Park).
              Lastly, feel free to contact me through the blog as I do personal cooking lessons in home.

              1. re: katygirl

                I just met up with a guy who gives cooking classes in your home; he'll have his own school in a few months. He's a CIA-trained chef-instructor named Richard Rosado. His number is 321-276-3821. He came here for a demo and did a fab job.

                1. re: katygirl

                  Based on all of the great feedback, I've decided to start with Truffles and Trifles and then work my way through the rest. Their summer schedule seemed very deep with lots of great choices.

                  Thanks for the tip about remembering to bring the bottle of wine!

              2. Hi, morganrsg
                Have you considered private cooking lessons? I'm a Chef...yes, cooking school type, and I love to teach people how to cook the pro way.
                Send me a reply if you're interested.


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                1. re: Babychef2020

                  The Orlando Culinary Academy/Le Cordon Blue now has classes for nonprofessionals.