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May 30, 2008 11:52 AM

Reviews of Lime on Eglinton East?

I work nearby but haven't been. I tend to stay away from nouveau asian places for lunch. Anyone been?

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  1. you're correct to stay away- exactly the same as all the others.

    1. I'm with nummanumma on the glut of Pan Asian and Thai restos in this city. They're all carbon copies of one another. Even if the food is great, there is a predictability and boring, common nouveau theme that they're all duplicating. It's like they're all franchises. Hey... wait a second... maybe they are! Conspiracy theory!!!!!!

      I will add however (because I have actually eaten at Lime), that when I was there, our food was actually quite outstanding. Sorry to complain first, then praise. I think we had a braised chilean sea bass (gasp!) in a lemongrass broth and I can still actually remember how delicate the flavours were. I was really impressed. That said, that was about four years ago. I don't know if the owners and the quality is the same.

      Getting back to the commonality of the Asian restos... even if the food is good, there is something about the carbon copy themes of these places that makes them almost unappealing. Is it just me?

      If you work nearby, I'd definitely check it out - there's no major risk with lunch. Let us know if it's good.

      1. similar comments to's been a few years so not sure what may have changed, but I recall having lunch there and the food was decent. At the time, they also had pretty good value lunch combos.