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dinner favs near Bryn Mawr Film Institute?

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Please rec. restaurants within a few blocks of the Bryn Mawr Film Institute. So far, from reading this board, I've come up with Mediterranean Grill, which sounds very nice. I noticed a sushi sign as I was driving away recently, but I didn't catch the name of the restaurant. All cuisines are of interest.

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  1. Carmine's is on the same block, as is Ha Long Bay (Vietnamese). All of the other Bryn Mawr restaurants are within a few blocks.

    1. We like Yang Ming, which has a varied menu. I love the soft shell crabs. You can get directions on their website. It's in Bryn Mawr, not far.

      1. Carmine's (next door to the theatre) is really popular with alot of people .. and I did like their oysters. But, I'll try somewhere else next time. I find everything to be way overspiced with what must be a single shaker labeled 'Cajun hot'. A lot of dishes seem to get the exact same seasoning .

        1. Ha Long bay is very good
          Also Freska is good and Lourdes for greek food
          Also may try Tango

          1. Sola is supposed to be very good. On Lancaster Ave. in Bryn Mawr but not sure how many blocks from the film institute.

            1. I have dined at Sola many times and would highly recommend it. It is very close to the Film Institute and they have a great $35 prix fixe menu during the week as well. They have a contemporary american, french influenced menu.

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                I agree with the Sola recommendation. It has been top notch on every single on of my visits.

              2. There are 2 sushi places, both of which are quite good:
                -Sushi Land, on Lancaster Avenue. Very informal, but very friendly.
                -Fuji Mountain, a personal favorite. A pretty restaurant with slightly high prices. This place has alcohol, the other does not.
                Both are excellent!

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                  I go to Samurai for Sushi, always good there

                2. Sola is less than a three minute walk from the BMFI. Yangming is at least a 10 minute walk from the Institute.

                  Ha Long Bay is charming and very easy on the wallet, with excellent cuisine. Lourdas is just accross Lancaster Ave., just follow the bend of Bryn Mawr Ave. around to the train station, and you will find it. It is a delightful little Greek Bistro, with excellent service. They take cash only.

                  1. I can vouch for SushiLand (great prices, great prices, little atmosphere), Lourdas (good food, cash only, BYO), and Tango. Freska, also a BYO, was good, but the noise level was disconcerting a few years ago. Don't know if that's been fixed. Sola is excellent, but don't go if you have a time constraint. Plus, that's not immediately nearby. For pub food there's The Grog and Kelly's.