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May 30, 2008 10:20 AM

Sushi Shakedown

Being an old Soto regular I all but gave up on sushi in atlanta (please dont mistake the stuff that is served in the mall steak houses as sushi). I have been reborn with TOMO on 41 in the Kroger shopping center. I have heard that Soto is having mixed reviews in New York. I miss that place so much - for those in the know it was always an experience. I always enjoyed watching a new face in utter confusion or terror if Soto became angered, great memeories.

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  1. Is that the name - I thought it was something else. Sadly, I never made it to Soto, but yes, I really like the "new" place. Always fresh, good presentation, affordable, and right across the street :-)

    1. I haven't followed mention of Soto on the NYC boards, but it had good writeups when we were up there at the first of the year.

      Your post made me think of the Umezono review in the current issue of AC. It's about the most scathing restaurant review I've read in years, period. It was slightly humorous in that the author didn't get the street correct.

      1. Thanks for the nod towards TOMO. I have been to C&S in the same location on other occasions, but will endeavor to try it.

        I also like Ege Sushi a bit further north in Marietta, in the East Lake shopping center on 120 - they make the best katsudon I've found in the area.

        1. Loved Soto and miss it in Atlanta.

          I went to his NYC restaurant in November and found it to be outstanding.

          I like TOMO quite a bit and another spot you might like if you haven't been there is Taka on Pharr Road. I find that to be quite nice.

          1. I have really enjoyed Kang Nam on Buford Hwy, just outside the perimeter.