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May 30, 2008 10:18 AM

Laloux a fine dine

I was in Montreal last Friday (May 23) and had a wonderful meal. The atmosphere is great and the service very attentive. If you are from out of town as I was...Laloux is a sure bet.......ribboy

Restaurant Laloux
250 Av Des Pins E, Montreal, QC H2W1P3, CA

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  1. Did you try the chocolate pot? Mmmmmhh!

    1. More than a fine dine my friend...

      Laloux has definitely bounced back from the doldrums of the past few years - especially as the pastry chef of the now defunct Les Chèvres (et les Choux) has joined to bring ecstasy inducing deserts (yes, the Pot de Chocolat au Sel de Maldon...but this desert est trop facile ). SEE BELOW.

      Further bonus is the sister (same kitchen) bistro next door called POP! Simple bistro menu at reasonable prices and well above the quality of say Léméac. Also POP! has garnered itself with the outstanding, enthusiastic and personable staff of S (of Hotel St-Sulpice) - I was delighted to cross these devilishly charming young men on my last visit to whom we delegated my order and (oh, thank god) allowed us to be tempted by the deserts!!!

      My desert was a slow pleasurable massage of the senses: colours of a butterfly's wings, the tang of ...with a surprise...oh hell...forget it...just go ...these are works of art or at least of well aimed weapon of a sensorial engineer...

      Junior Warden

      1. It seems that I had been intending to go to Laloux since forever. So I did make reservations for an early Sunday evening on what proved to be in almost blizzard-like conditions: streets were packed with snow on top of ice and quite a bit of snow-blowing around. So it wasn’t too surprising when I arrived at 5:30 there was only one other party in the restaurant. I ordered a pleasant Crémant Jura while I awaited my companion’s arrival. Taking in my surroundings, the décor is a very pleasant take on a modernized bistro look. Sitting by a window, next to a heater (the place was pleasantly warm) it seemed almost wicked watching passers-by trudge by in the blizzard.

        After my companion arrived we ordered appetizers, mains and wine by the glass for each course. I had a terrine de foie gras with an assortment of tasty accompaniments and a glass of Pinot Gris Binner; my date had the lobster bisque with fresh water shrimp and vanilla oil and a glass of champagne – she said the bisque was so good if she were at home she would have licked the plate.

        I should say the woman who advised us on our wine by the glass for each course was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and make excellent recommendations. In fact service throughout was virtually perfect.

        My roast pork was the only disappointment being astonishingly tough. On the other had my companion was thoroughly delighted with her risotto (with shitake mushrooms among a variety of other fillings). The two reds we had were excellent.

        We both chose the same dessert: three chocolate (araguani) tarts with an absolutely scrumptious coulis (it was described as spiced red-wine – but it was so much more!) All washed down with 10 year old porto.

        While sipping our espresso, they brought us still a second complimentary dessert to make up for the earlier flawed pork.

        By 8:30 with the snow clearing, more patrons did finally arrive but it was still more empty than full.

        All and all, the two of us were delighted by our dinner experience and look forward to returning.

        Dinner for 2: appetizers, mains, dessert and 7 glasses of wine (total) and 2 espressos was $180 before tax and tip: A place that deserves serious consideration by Chowhounds looking for the modern Montreal bistro experience.

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          We were visiting Montreal for the holidays (an annual trip) and our party of four dined at Laloux the day after you, I believe, Monday 12/22/08. We had the tasting menu and found the experience so exciting that we went back for the tasting menu (it was quite different) again on Friday 12/26. Friday's menu included the lobster bisque, and your description hits the nail on the head.

          Two visits doesn't feel like enough for us to make a major pronouncement about the place, but we can say without hesitation that both meals were the most memorable of the eight days we spent in Montreal this year. Service for both meals was not just spot-on, it was gracious.

          Laloux is an amazing place to dine, and I know we'll return next year - maybe twice.