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May 30, 2008 08:57 AM

BYOB restaurants

it would be nice to see a list of (decent) BYOB restaurants. Does anyone have any recs?

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  1. Maru on Burnet was a BYOB the last time I went, but that was over a year ago. Place was worthy of a trip. Not amongst the best sushi in town, but was good enough.

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    1. re: uarent

      I'm working on a full review but Bejucos on Cesar Chavez is byob and they'll bring you a nice tub of ice for your beer.

      1. re: uarent

        Two sad comments:

        Maru now has license and their food has suffered terribly.

        1. re: amysuehere

          I agree. The last time I went, I got the katsu don which was bland with overcooked rice and was no longer BYOB.

        1. Zorba's in Round Rock lets you BYOB

          1. Fuegos on Lamar is still waiting for their license and is currently BYOB.

            1. Zoot used to offer that for a corkage fee of $10. Not sure if they still do or not.