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May 30, 2008 08:32 AM

Stonington/Deer Isle, ME: Chow?

SO, myself and ellieeggplant will be headed soon for our annual 4 days of kayaking from Oceanville. Most of the time, we eat with the gang in the two houses where we stay, but often try to eat out at least once. In the past, choices have been, well, .... limited. Last time we ate at the restaurant at the inn in Deer Isle, it had changed hands and was decisively mediocre. Passadumkeag and others, any suggestions, without going back across the causeway?

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  1. I've always liked the Fisherman's Friend in Stonington. The last time we went was just after the new location opened, so I don't know if it has changed at all.

    1. Lily's Cafe in Stonington (it's just north of the town on rt 15) is definitely worth a visit. Exceptional lunch fare -sandwiches, omelets, soups and salad. They are inventive and competent. It is also open for dinner on Fridays.

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        we liked the fishermans friend last summer ,good crab rolls,fish sandwich too.we always take the drive over that scary bridge to bagaduce lunch,awesome food on an awesome setting.the food co op in blue hill is pretty great sure Passadumkeag well be chiming in anytime now with the complete list.......

      2. I had a decent lunch at the Maritime Cafe, on the harborfront in Stonington. Nice atmosphere, good service, fabulous views. A bit pricey, by local standards, but it is the nicest place in town.

        I think Fisherman's lost some of its local color in the move to the waterfront--that said, the food remains good, the portions large. The Cockatu (I is outdoors overlooking Webb cove, II is at the old Goose Cove Lodge location) is a possibility, but it has a well-deserved reputation for painfully slow service (as in sometimes an hour or longer for an appetizer or even a drink). It serves primarily seafood with a Portuguese accent.

        If you're willing to cross over to Brooksville, just over the bridge is the Oakland House, an old-timey resort on Eggemoggin Reach, with an excellent dining room. This year, Rich Hansen of Cleonice, in Ellsworth, is in charge--new restaurant name is The Rusticator.

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          I live near Cleonice and didn't know about The Rusticator! How do you do it?
          I work as a kayak guide often out of Stonington and paddle passt the Isle au Haute B&B, the converted light house. I wonder if they serve meals to nonguests.
          The above posts I agree with and I have not been to the new..Friend. Don't forget the fish smoke house as you enter Stonington.
          I love camping out on Wheat Island.

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            The Keeper's House, the B&B in the lighthouse, is no longer operating as a B&B. However, on the other side of the island is The Inn at Isle au Haut, a B&B, that does serve dinner to guests and by reservation, others who are on island.

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              Yes, not far from the ferry landing to the left, an old cdear shake cottage. You amaze me!

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              Hey Passadumkeg/Mark: you going to be paddling from Stonington June 15-18? Maybe we can share some paddling and chow!

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                Thanks, but I'm still trying to learn my English students good until the 20th. Some other time, I'd love to. I love the Isle au Haute/Deer Isle/ Blue Hill/ MDI archipelago. I can paddle from my house in Ellsworth to Stonington. For Chowhounds, a B&B to B&B kayak tour exists. Do you belong to the Maine Island Trails Org. and have their book? Well worth the membership price.
                Marco el Rojo y Verde Tambien

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                  What's Deer Isle like in September? Do the restaurants (and most everything else) close after Labor Day? Is the September weather still nice enough for an outdoor lobster dinner?