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UK Substitute for corn syrup

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Any ideas what to use when recipe calls for corn syrup? I'm so used to Karo or something like that, but I don't think there's anything like that... at least I haven't found one. I know about golden syrup, but that's not what I'm looking for.

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  1. What do you want to make with it?

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    1. I just know this is going to be a daft question.....but what's corn syrup? And what do you do with it?


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        It's made from maize, which we Americans call corn. Karo is the most common brand, and it comes in both white and dark versions, the dark one being a bit more molasses-y. It is used in cooking, and some poor souls actually pour it on their pancakes. Some of us, I among them, have mostly or completely sworn off it in favor of either cane sugar syrups (Lyle's Golden or molasses) or maple syrup. Many classic American desserts, such as pecan pie, were adapted to Karo so long ago that we tend to think of that as the original version, but in fact a cane syrup gives much better results...unless you really LIKE things sweet enough to give you an instant tooth-ache.

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          Thanks, Will.

          Zuriga - might ordinary treacle work? I'm thinking a traditional British treacle tart is the same gob-smacking sweetness of an American pecan pie. Other than that I see an online suggestion of boiling 2 parts sugar and 1 part water to a syrupy consistency. Seems a simplified version of MMRuth's idea


      2. Thanks, all. The recipe I saw with corn syrup was one of those copycat things.. for a salad dressing made in an American restaurant. I think, MMRuth, that the recipe you found might work fine for that. John, I do think treacle would work for a pecan pie, but probably not for a salad dressing.

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          Nope. Wouldnt work at all in a dressing. I'm just an old fashioned guy with dressings - oil, lemon. That's usually it. Now & again - oil, vinegar, touch of Dijon

        2. I would think golden syrup would work. Similar but golden syrup tastes a lot better (caramel notes, rather than just sweet). I use golden syrup in place of corn syrup sometimes.

          1. Golden syrup is much better than corn syrup. I'd much prefer to use that, most corn syrups are also made with high fructose corn syrup ( modified corn starch)