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May 30, 2008 08:11 AM

Best Indian in TO

I know, it's crazy, with all the amazing Indian and Pakistani restaurants in Little India and Brampton that I should claim the best Indian restaurant in Toronto is in the Junction, but it is....High Park Spicy House on Dundas West has hands down the best Indian food in the city. I challenge anyone to go there, try the butter chicken, fish magic, baigan bartha or palak paneer (those are my four favourites) and tell me otherwise.

The service is also awesome but the decor leaves something to be desired, which is why I think the other Indian restaurants on the same block - Curry Twist and North of Bombay do better. But HPSH is a hidden gem.

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  1. What are the prices like? I always say, dollar for dollar, Nataraj is the best game in town. Wonderful bhaji, tikka and vegetable dishes.

    1. Welcome to Chowhound, HighParkMan, what other Indian restaurants have you tried in the city?

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      1. re: childofthestorm

        Prices are great, 10$ or so for mains. I've been to Nataraj, Mount Everest, the two I mentioned in the Junction, a bunch in Brampton and Missassauga and a few in Little India. I've traveled extensively through India as well, and I'm I really think HPSH is something special. There are a bunch of us in the Junction who go there religiously and treat eating there like a religious experience.

        1. re: HighParkMan

          Strange, I ate there last summer and found it underwhelming and overpriced. The naan was great, but also the best part of the meal.

          Maybe they've improved?

          1. re: SxCx

            I'm with you SxCx. When I ate there, I found it pricey and the saag paneer I had was very oily without much seasoning, and the butter chicken was very very sweet. Odd.
            Hopefully it's true they've improved - I would love to have a great place in the neighbourhood.
            Has anybody else tried it recently?

            1. re: tochipotle

              Tochipotle, I tried it last week. The food was quite good, nicely spiced (good heat but not overpowering to the other spice flavors). Small portions, though. We had saag paneer, lamb biriyani, eggplant curry and one naan. (The naan was the exception portion-wise. It was enormous.) I enjoyed the meal and would eat there again, but I wouldn't consider it Toronto's best Indian. I don't really believe in the concept of "best" since every place is unique, but there are a lot of Indian restaurants I'd choose ahead of this one. If you're in the Junction neighborhood, though, it's an enjoyable meal.

      2. hpSH best indian? *chuckle*
        absolutely NO way..
        That's like saying South Indian Dosa Mahal on Bloor west has the best south indian.

        Welcome to Chowhound btw.

        1. have you tried siddhartha? i guess i cant say i've had my fair shares of indian food, but i've tried a few and siddhartha is the best. it's a buffet on king st. YUMMY!

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          1. re: peekkaboo

            I ate a la carte from Siddhartha in little india and have to say it was a great meal!

            1. re: peekkaboo

              We ordered from Siddhartha about 3 weeks ago, I found the butter chicken to be too tomatoey, it actually tasted like zoodles!...which i must admit I love, but wasn't looking for at the time...

              1. re: Recyclor

                I don't get why people like Siddhartha so much all the curries are too sweet and tend to taste the same.
                I would not go back.
                But I do like.
                Sher-E-Punjab Restaurant
                351 Danforth Avenue.

                Banjara Indian Cuisine
                796 Bloor Street West,

                1. re: patches35

                  Patches, ordering a la carte from Siddartha vs their buffet is a while other world... We'll only eat the buffet if it looks hot and fresh but otherwise you must try the a la carte.

                  1. re: patches35

                    Is it the same Banjara from Yonge Street and Balmuto? It was great food in the old locations - so if it is the same owners, I will for sure go!

                    BTW - Nataraj last night was perfect - including the trip next door to get the ice cream.

                    1. re: MeMeMe

                      Banjara has gone way downhill since its promising opening last year. We live just a few blocks away, and were excited to have a good Indian resto in the neighbourhood, but for the last few months, every visit has been more disappointing than the last. Overly greasy pakoras, dull flavours, everything tastes more or less the same.

                      Has Nataraj improved since its, um, nadir a few years ago? It was great in the 90s, then suffered a serious drop in quality. I understand that the original owners / chef moved on to Trimurti, which is excellent.

                    2. re: patches35

                      Couldn't agree more about Banjara, patches. I live almost in the Gerrard India Bazaar, but head across town when I need a serious fix. I've been about a half dozen times over the past year and, while they are somewhat inconsistent, I've never had a bad meal, and my last visit was superlative. I'll give Sher E Punjab a try, based on your rec. Thanks!

                    3. re: Recyclor

                      Absolutely agree on Banjara, its very good. Best butter chicken I have ever had. Will try High Park Spicy House, tho.
                      I found Siddhartha very mediocre, clean but mediocre.

                    4. re: peekkaboo

                      I've been to Siddhartha on Gerrard and had both the buffet and a la carte meals. Ho hum. While i am no expert on indian food, I found it all pretty pedestrian, and overpriced for the neighbourhood. Haven't been to many indian places recently worth mentioning, but the vindaloo at Matagali is the best I've ever had. Been awhile though, and I've posted on it before so I won't repeat myself. Anyone been recently?

                    5. HighParkMan is on the money!!!! It is by far one of the best Sri Lankan Indian Cuisine. They now have samosas and they are awesome. I have not had a bad meal there and have been going there since it first opened. I dare you not to over order tha NAAN Bread!

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                      1. re: trustme2

                        How does it compare to Rashnaa?

                        1. re: trustme2

                          Hmm - a Sri Lankan restaurant that serves Butter Chicken & Naan.
                          Probably does a decent foie gras too!

                          1. re: estufarian

                            Well, the owners and the cook are Sri Lankan. I not only eat the awesome food, but I get to know the people. Secondly, if you want to make a profit, you must please the masses. Butter Chicken and Naan are what first come to mind for most people when they think of Indian Cuisine, don't you think?

                          2. re: trustme2

                            Have never been to Rashnaa. Where is it?

                            1. re: trustme2

                              Cabbageton, on Wellesley.

                              What's particularly Sri Lankan about High Park Spicy House? So far all anyone has mentioned is Indian food (and of course the foie gras is excellent, too :))

                              1. re: bluedog

                                I'll add to this that just 'cause the owners and cook are Sri Lankan doesn't make it a Sri Lankan restaurant. Perhpas they are pleasing the masses by operating an Indian Restaurant :)

                                1. re: bluedog

                                  Perhaps you are right. Who cares, the food is great

                                  1. re: trustme2

                                    Try Rashnaa and let us know what you think.