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May 30, 2008 08:08 AM

Help! Quick bite at Front & Jarvis

My daughter is insisting I go see Sex & the City with her tonight. She has tickets for a 6:30 show at the Rainbow Cinema at Front & Jarvis. We need a place we can be in and out within an hour (or even less). What's down there besides Tim Horton's?

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  1. for quick bites: Spring Rolls, The Keg, The Flatiron and Firkin, Hot House...

    Not exactly ideal but at least they're right in the area.

    1. Are you serious... St. Lawrence Market is at that intersection. It's open until 7PM on Friday. Grab a sandwich from Carousel or Mustachio's and enjoy walking around the market until the movie begins.

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        lol believe it or not, i actually forgot about St. Lawrence! all i could think of is, "well at least i know garden @ eleven won't be an option!"

        1. re: pinkprimp

          Indeed... I wonder what will happen for that location. Prime real estate.

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          It might be a zoo at St Lawrence Market tonight with the Toronto Criterium bike race going on. The course goes across Front street down Scott across Esplanade and up Market so it might be a challenge to hit any of those restaurants on the other side of the street from the theatre.

        3. Le Petit Dejeuner: King & Jarvis


          or grab a huge Italian-style grilled eggplant sandwich at Mustachio in the lower level of St Lawrence Market for $5. No seating but open til 7.

            1. Shopsy's is a short walk west.

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                One time I was at Shopy's the service was so slow that we were nearly late getting to our show across the street.

                And here are some bad comments about Shopy's