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May 30, 2008 08:07 AM

Help with Charlottesville, VA!

Am visiting Charlottesville for a week and need lots of help about good food locations. In particular, am interested in *authentic* Italian (especially if there is a true Margherita pizza place), as well as French and/or Mediterranean. Good wine list is very helpful too. Food quality and authenticity is the most imporant aspect of the restaurants that I hope to hear about. Thanks for helping....

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  1. I'm not familiar with the dining scene in Charlottesville, but the Washington Post recently ran an article in the Food section about Charlottesville. It might be helpful.

    1. While not authentic italian/french/mediterranean, here are the places I liked very much when I was in college/law school there:

      Nice Places:
      C&O Restaurant
      Hamilton's (especially late night)
      Michael's Bistro (a little casual but nice)
      Aberdeen Barn (old school Southern steakhouse, not for everyone)
      Downtown Grille (more modern steak)

      Continental Divide (mexican)
      Christian's Pizza
      The Shebeen (South African pub)
      The Tavern (breakfast)
      Bodo's Bagels

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        how could you miss a Gus Burger at the White Spot near the Corner?

        It's been a year and my ventricles are still struggling.

        But your Bodo's rec is good.

        1. re: hill food

          Because I've never once had one sober.

          I did have three in one night once, though. I don't recommend that.

      2. One of the best is Duners, about 4-5 miles out of town in Ivy ( Terrific wine list, great food -- just a really lovely place to eat. If I had to pick an adjective, I would call it Modern American, but not at all fussy.

        You will probably get more responses on the South board, I believe.

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          Duners looks terrific and perfectly fresh food. Love it. Thank you for the consideration. Also, places outside of town are fine. I just learned about Staunton Grocery.

        2. My friends recently took an anniversary trip to Charlottesville, and they raved about dinner at the Palladio, which is located on the grounds of Barboursville winery (which makes some of my personal favorite Virginia wines):

          1. The Washington Post food section did a nice piece on dining and market options in Charlottesville a few weeks ago. You might check on-line.