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May 30, 2008 07:56 AM

Paris - 5th arrondissement Restaurants

Taking my mum to paris on her first overseas trip. Can anyone recommend any good value restaurants in the 5th?

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  1. Le Petit Pontoise
    Les Papilles
    Le Pré Verre
    Le Réminet
    Brasserie Balzar
    Atélier Maître Albert

    They have all been mentioned and commented numerous times here on this forum. I recommend you do some search. ;o)

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    1. re: Dodo

      We have stayed in the 5th before (great area, bu the way!). I would second the vote for Petit Pontoise, and also try Louis Vins. Both are reasonably priced with good food.

      1. re: Dodo

        Would take Maitre Albert off the list and add the new restaurant of the former chef of Le Temps au temps. It's called itinéraires, rue de Pontoise, and it's yum.

        Also la rotisserie du Beaujolais for... roasted meat, especialy the lamb shoulder to order 30 mpin in advance.

      2. Le Réminet was sold a while ago and has gone downhill. We checked out Le Petit Pontoise last November, and there was no fixed price menu, and the prices had climbed quite a bit. We loved Ribouldingue, 10 rue St Julien le Pauvre ( – we thought the price/value ratio was good, and the food very well-prepared.

        1. We like Chez René on Blvd St. Germain

          1. We love Le Pré Verre for good food at tremendously good prices and have heard good things about Itinéraires. If you venture just across the Seine, Mon Vieil Ami is a place we go back to every time we visit Paris…..