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May 30, 2008 07:29 AM

Gary Robbins at Sheridan Sqaure

Any views? I was a huge fan of The Biltmore Room when he cooked there. I guess The R.T. Room didn't work so well..

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  1. I really liked it.
    Quail crunchy, good kind of gamey, sauce delish
    side of swiss chard greens in a great light cheese sauce very good
    duck breast .. usually like it rounded with some crunch.. but that didn't mar the fact that it was flavorful and cooked quite well.
    dessert chocolate tart with a cookie -like wafer crunch... great!

    the guy next to me loved his shrimp and veal dishes.
    i hope the word starts gettting out abt s. square. i am a huge fan of gary robins cooking. he doesn't dissapoint here!