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May 30, 2008 07:24 AM

Where can I find Menudo

I'm coming to visit my cousin, and i come from California. My cousin says she has never tried menudo. Where in Chicago might I find some?

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  1. PLENTY of places. It might be more easily found on the weekends in many taquerias around town as i think it's one of those "fin de semana" offerings in most tacquerias around town. If you offer what area the city you'll be in, you might get a more targeted response. If the area of the city doesn't matter, and you're willing to travel, then you might get a few "best of the best" answers.

    1. I believe you'll find it in several stalls at the Maxwell Street Sunday market. Can't recommend any, since I've never been able to make it over there when I've really had the need for some.

      1. La Casa Del Pueblo on Blue Island just south of 18th street in Pilsen serves top notch authentic Menudo, tamales, mole, guisados, tostadas, sopes, chiles rellenos, platillos, etc. The food doesn't get better than this place, which has been around since 1962ish. Cafeteria style, bare bones atmosphere.

        1. Where does your cousin live? On the Northwest side of Chicago, there is a placed called Tanzitaro where Milwaukee and Elston meet. They serve menudo on the weekends.