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May 30, 2008 07:07 AM

Dry Chocolate Cake - How can I salvage???

I recently baked a chocolate cake with a malted chocolate frosting. The taste was very good, but unfortunately the cake was extremely dry (I substituted buttermilk with a milk/yogurt mixture). Eating the cake as is isn't worth the calories. In the spirit of not being wasteful, I don' want to throw out this cake, and wanted suggestions on how to salvage this disaster. I was thinking soaking the cake in syrup/liquer for a trifle or layering it into parfait, but would love to hear your suggestions.


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  1. A trifle/parfait would help, just make sure you make it far enough in advance to let the liquid and custard soak in. Another option (though giving the advent of summer, it may not be as appealing) would be to make a sort of bread pudding with it. I've done this once before, and it turned out well. I just used a good amount less sugar in the custard than I do when I make it with bread.

    Also, I have seen on these boards a recommendation for making truffles out of a cake. I believe you mix the cake in a food processor with frosting and roll it into balls. I've never tried it, as it seems a bit sweet and rich for me, but that might really change your cake.

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      Expanding on the truffle idea, you could even make these cute cupcake pops that a blogger demonstrated on Martha Stewart:

    2. Use it for a chocolate 'bread' pudding.

      1. I would crumble the cake into bitesize chunks. Layer cake in a bowl, drizzled with a little kahlua or frangelico, chocolate pudding or custard, and whipped cream. Repeat the layers, ending with whipped cream on top.

        1. I think you have the right idea ... perhaps make it part of an ice cream sundae with a nice rich vanilla ice cream, or perhaps make a chocolate mousse ...

          1. Large glass of cold milk? :-)

            How about baking it some more to dry it out even more, then crumble it, and use it as a pie crust for cheesecake, or a key lime pie?

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              Love the crust idea! believe me, this cake is as dry as the sahara, so no amount of milk would help the cake go down!

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                That's my thought, lay it out on a cookie sheet, dry it out and then bake it a bit to really dry it out. Then run it through the processor. Store it in the freezer to use for cheese cake crust, bar crust, or even use as a topping for ice cream wih carmel sauce.
                This way you won't have to feel like you have to eat it right away...

                Good going not wasting!!!