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May 30, 2008 06:47 AM

Caterer in Owen Sound

Can anyone recommend a good caterer or personal chef in Owen Sound or willing to go to Owen Sound? We're looking to have a meal served in-home for 4 people for a wedding anniversary. Any ideas?


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  1. Alex Nichol at Chef On Call in Kincardine may be your answer. He left Julia's Inn on the Park a few years back to be on his own. I've never used him but hear excellent things about his service from those who have, and enjoyed some very fine meals while he was still at the aforementioned restaurant.

    Telephone: (519) 396-2433

    Good luck.

    Telephone: (519) 396-2433

    1. I know a guy in Mount Forest.
      He works at the Queens Bush, he is great and his food is wonderful.
      His name is Drew but his wife runs the front of house.
      It's a nice place to have dinner as well, worth the drive.

      142 Main St. Mt. Forest
      519 323 1718

      1. Two suggestions for you:

        One- the chef at Largo in Thornbury is excellent and offers catering.

        Two- the chef at the Golf Club in Owen Sound is also excellent and may do private catering as well.

        I have sampled the wares of both and they are first rate!

        1. Hi there!

          I do know someone who is an excellent chef and would come to someone's home to cook a really good dinner! If you know of anyone in Owen Sound who would like this service, please email me! We can go over the details then!

          Thank you!


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          1. re: Krista123

            Hi Krista,

            I am getting married in July and we are in the process of renting a cottage. I'm not from the area and I am in desparate need of some help in locating a caterer. Any information you can provide me with would be awesome!!

            Thanks so much!!!