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May 30, 2008 06:42 AM

Looking for Good Eats in Winstom Salem

I'll be in Winstom Salem- at Wake Forest- for about a day. Looking for a good place to grab lunch and a nice dinner.

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  1. in that area I would recommend a lunch of quick mexican at taco riendo on reynolda(grab a gordita) or head downtown to try one of the sandwich places say cats corner of skippys hotdogs.

    For dinner try milners on stratford or nobles grill

    1. The Village Tavern is just outside of W-F front gate and a fine place for burgers as well as other dishes. It is part of the grounds of Reynolda House.

      1. Lunch at West End Cafe is a must. Great sandwiches and salads.

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        1. re: uptown jimmy

          West End is a great spot - they serve lunch all day and have some awesome specials at night as well as "fancier fare". Village Tavern is also a favorite, but be ready to fight the crowds on a weekend night. Good eats. If you want something nicer, I second the recs for Milner's and Noble's. Closer to Wake Forest is Ryan's - NOT THE CHAIN - an older, "classic" steakhouse type place. Don't go to Meridian downtown - it is overrated and overpriced with mediocre food. Hero House on Stratford is good for quick sandwich on the way out of town.

          1. re: atruebluedevil

            There's also a Hero House on University, very close to WFU. Love their Slouvaki (sp?).

            1. re: carolinadawg

              I second the hero house rec. great falafel. but I have to demur on the ryan's rec. great views but middling food

              1. re: quazi

                Ryan's ain't so good, really. Nice views, country club food (which is generally a bad thing).

        2. Sweet Potatoes downtown is a great place for lunch or dinner. http://www.sweetpotatoes-arestaurant....

          1. I love sweet potatoes and Noble's Grille.