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May 30, 2008 06:35 AM

Where to buy creme fraiche

Can anyone tell me where to buy creme fraiche in the Lexington, MA area???

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  1. Any Whole Foods carries it, from Vermont Butter and Cheese. Many Roche Bros., and the Concord Cheese Shop...Probably even some Stop and Shops

    1. I'm pretty sure that I have seen it at Wilson Farms in the cheese section. Give them a call to double check though.

      1. Thanks galleygirl and Emma Frances I knew I had seen it recently, but could not remember where for the life of me.
        EmmaFrances, my name is Irma Frances!!!!

        1. Formaggio in the South End definitely has it (I know that's not Lexington), as do some Shaws and Hannefords. The Vermont Butter and Cheese one comes in a bright pink tub and is pretty easy to spot in the cheese section.

          1. I know that Kick Ass cupcakes milk bar carries their own home made Creme fraiche. I have bought some of the Vermont Butter CF at Stop & Shop in Arlington as well and Trader Joe's