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May 30, 2008 06:22 AM

Mexican Coke-Just spotted

Walmart in Long Beach (Town Center)-they were on an endcap at the registers. I believe they were about $1.49 or so. I miss the 2 for 99 cents ones though.

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  1. They are currently in the Vallarta Supermarkets ad that arrived in my junk mail yesterday at 5 / $5 + CRV. Also Ripe Hass Avocados at 5 / $1. Compare that to Whole Paychecks price!


    1. Check the ingredients, though, because a lot of Mexican coke nowadays is made with HFCS. (Like the one I almost bought at Surfas.)

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        First thing I did was check the ingredients list, wouldn't have posted otherwise, chowwise. ;)

      2. Mexican coke really isn't that hard to find, it's at a lot of taco trucks and ethnic markets(not just latino-based ones). What's this HFCS stuff? Sounds scary! Also, I almost bought a bottle a couple of weeks ago that looked like the authentic sugarcane Mexican coke, but had corn syrup. Make sure you check those ingredients!

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        1. I have seen it at cosco in San Diego. Recently I saw it at Sprinkle, which I thought was strange, how much sugar do you really need to add to a frosted cupcake.

          1. $18.49 a case at King Ranch Markets.

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              I used to pick up cases of those in Downtown L.A. when I worked for a produce company. It was near the old and new Farmer's Markets off of Olympic Blvd. There's a little warehouse on that street called Hemlock that just sells drinks.