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May 30, 2008 06:18 AM

Berger Cookies?

My friend from New York requested Berger Cookies and I am relatively new to Baltimore and have never heard of them. What are they and where do I get them?

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  1. They are essentially a yellow cakey cookie with a thick layer of chocolate fudge on top. Only need one to send you over the moon ;-) You can get them at Lexington Market, Royal Farms stores, and probably in Giant. Search the board for more locations.

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      Its only the best cookie ever made!
      They have them in most supermarkets too. I saw them yesterday at Weiss. Almost bought some. I should go back.

      1. re: MrsWheatie

        I forgot to add the local BJ's warehouse carries them. Haven't checked out the new Costco for them.

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          Many grocery stores carry them. Ask where they are located. Although prepackaged, many times they are part of the bakery area and not the cookie aisle.

        2. Eddie's Roland Park has them, too.

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          1. They are a Baltimore delicacy. In addition to Royal Farm stores, as mentioned earlier, you can get them at Safeway. (At the Canton Safeway, there are in the bread and Little Debbie aisle, and not in the packaged cookies aisle.)

            1. The Berger bakery in the Lexington Market sells them by the pound. They were served at my wedding instead of wedding cake. Yeah, that good.

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                They're actually dietetic, because if you eat one, it's enough.

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                  Oh yeah, well I love Berger cookies enough to marry one!

                2. Yes, unfortunately my Giant and Safeway both carry them. Just kidding about the's just that when I buy them, I HAVE to eat them (agree with everyone, they are really yummy, especially if you like chocolate frosting).