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May 30, 2008 06:10 AM

Longtime vegetarian - one-time meat bite in Queens

I've been tempted by so many incredible looking (and smelling) meat dishes throughout this fine borough (including, for instance, any number of dishes at Spicy and Tasty and Taqueria Coatzingo). I've had more or less success sticking to veggie dishes at places like Spicy Mina. But now I am looking to breach my pact of vegetarianism once, and only once (well, that's what I'm telling myself, anyway). So what should be my one-time meat bite in Queens? Where would you send me for that one, can't miss meat dish?

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  1. i would goto TC and get 3 tacos the tongue (lengus), the salt beef(cecina) and pork(carnitas). thats a tasty platter.

    or a platter of a lamburger and porkburger from the xian fine eats in the golden mall

    hmmm there are sooo many ideas and foods and i can list alot more but i will allow others to chime in.

    i was veg for 9 years and when ppl ask why i stopped i simply tell them i reaaaaaly love meat lolol


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      TC comes to mind immediately, and of course the ever funky tripe taco.

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      1. Cheburechnaya kebab feast much?

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          Ah, I should have clarified- I'm a cheburechnaya veteran. I'm actually not a vegetarian - I just keep kosher. So I guess what I'm saying is, I'm looking for a one-time treyf bite.

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          1. Anticuchos (beef hearts) at Punto Fijo in JH
            Manchurian or Tangra Masala goat (dry) at Tangra Masala or Tangra Asian Fusion
            Matambre (veal roll) at Chivito d'Oro or Parillada Mi Tio
            Lamb skewer at one of the Xinjiang kabab places in Flushing
            Crispy pata (fried pork knuckle) at Ihawan in Woodside
            A hamburger at Donovan's Pub
            A cevapi or cevapzinica (sausage or meat patty) sandwich at one of the Balkan places in Astoria
            Sangyupsal (pork belly) BBQ at Ham Ji Bak in Flushing/Bayside
            Lengua (tongue), birria de res (beef chili stew), and al pastor at Taqueria Coatzingo. I have to disagree with chefjellynow about the cecina and carnitas. In NYC cecina usually comes packaged and it's simply opened and grilled. It's pretty much the same wherever you find it. I doubt that Coatzingo would cure their own cecina. I have found cecina at a few latin butchers, so maybe they're getting a better version from them. And the carnitas are good, but there are better versions around Roosevelt. The al pastor, on the other hand, is consistently the best version on the Roosevelt strip, and the birria de res is one of the better taco fillings.

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            1. re: E Eto

              How about the green curry with roasted duck and coconut milk (and pineapple, fresh basil, etc.) at Sripraphai? I think it's C29 on the menu and it's terrific.

              1. re: grisaille

                That's a good choice, but for someone wanting to dive into some meat-meat (rather than fowl), I'd suggest the pork leg with chili, or the panang curry with beef.

              2. re: E Eto

                Fantastic. These are EXACTLY the kinds of suggestions I was looking for. Will report back.

                1. re: bennyt

                  Also, if you really want to eat meat, you could do far worse than ordering a melt-in-your-mouth skirt steak (entraña) at one of the Argentine or Uruguayan places (La Porteña, El Chivito d'Oro, or La Fusta).

                  1. re: JH Jill

                    How about going into any of the good Chinese places in Flushing or Elmhurst and ordering a duck, along with a good chunk of roast pig (how's that for treyf?)....and add a cuttlefish if it looks really good (and not like a dirty yellow balloon).

                    1. re: EricMM

                      Hi, it's the OP. In case anyone is wondering, I ended up at Taqueria Coatzingo, where I had a taco de carnitas and the barbacoa de chivo. The carnitas- a bit greasy for my taste, but I can understand why it is recommended. But the barbacoa was so tender and flavorful, I loved it. Any other recommeded meat dishes? I was tempted by the lengua guisada but decided against it...

                      1. re: bennyt

                        Is this going to turn into a two-time meat bite? : )

                        1. re: Miss Needle

                          Yes, it looks that way, doesn't it?
                          As for Joe MacBu's recommendation- I've always wondered about the meat dishes at the Szechuan places (so far, I've only had the various fish in hot chili sauce dishes). So you would go with Little Pepper?

                        2. re: bennyt

                          Lamb with cumin at Little Pepper.

                  2. re: E Eto

                    Eto, you've just about covered it!

                    1. re: E Eto

                      The only Astoria Bosnians I'd consider for a breaking-the-rules meal would be Cevabdzinica Stari Most, for the cevapi, pleskavica or the "Bosnian burger", or (in a somewhat distant second) the tiny newish place with a name I forgot on 31st St. near 30th Ave., which I think is an offshoot of Bosna Express in Ridgewood. The almost-kosher halal meat they use, however, is made even better when it's smeared with these places' fresh kajmak and/or yogurt.

                      The lamb with cumin at Little Pepper is a hell of a thing, too.

                      IMO Donovan's isn't even the second-best burger in western Queens. It's big, though.

                      1. re: hatless

                        And what, pray tell, IS the best burger in Western Queens? this is important...