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Amsterdam Falafel Shop

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Does anyone have any feedback on the Amsterdam Falafel Shop ? I'm in Baltimore.....it sounds interesting. Is it any good?

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  1. http://www.chow.com/search?search%5Bq...

    There's quite a bit on it; usually on threads about Adams Morgan or cheap eats DC. There was a recent one that was mentioning some changes they made to delivery mechanisms (going green, so tossing out plastic baskets).

    I've gone and liked it. It's not a destination spot, though - don't make the drive just for it. And I'd say that it should be down on your list for when you are in DC.

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      I agree with Dennis S' post.

      I've eaten there several times, and think that they have a fantastic falafel--and great fries--especially given the dearth of falafel places in Baltimore, but I would never drive to Adams Morgan from SE Baltimore just to eat there. However, if you're combining it with a trip to ournationscapital for other reasons, it's a great & inexpensive choice.

    2. I went last night and while a bit intoxicated i really enjoyed the fries which are usually awesome, but the fafalel this time was different, it was better. The chickpea balls were perfectly fried and creamy moist inside. Along with the usual condiments of yogurt sauce, the spicy green sauce, chickpea salad and cucumber salad, I kind of want to go back again tonight, maybe less intoxicated but not likely

      1. I think it is great fun--the selection of toppings always makes every sandwich different. The falafel balls are always nice and crisp, too.

        1. I would not drive up to Baltimore for an Amsterdam Falafel. I would for Bicycle. The most recent Washingtonian touts a kickass falafel place up in Rockville, which would be slightly closer if you need to get that falafel itch scratched.

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            well of course Max kosher deli is way better than Amsterdam, but for the city i consider myself satidfied. Would I drive from bmore to dc for amsterdam falafel? probably not. but if i were in dc why not?