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Any Reviews for Antipasti in WP?

Have a reservation for tomorrow night. Any reviews?

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  1. The New York Times recently gave Antipasti a 'Very Good' rating...which is high coming from the Times.

    1. I do too...I hope it's as good as the Times said it was!

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        ohhh what time is your reservation- Mine is at 7. We are taking my parents

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          We are going at 8:30 - I wanted 8 but that was the earliest I could get through Open Table.

      2. My wife and I recently had dinner at Antipasti. Here are the main points from my review. Keep in mind that our reviews, by design, are aimed at the middle class diner.

        High points-

        * Service that matches the price point. The waitstaff was ever present, but never in the annoying way where they come by every few minutes asking how everything is. If something needed to be done, it was done.
        * Ultra modern bar makes you feel like you've left the suburbs for a moment.
        * The menu offers a tremendous amount of dining flexibility
        * Ingredients all tasted very fresh
        * Wine list offers a nice mix of affordable wines for those who don't want to spend one hundred dollars on a bottle

        Low Points-

        * Pricing that matches the upscale flavor of the new downtown White Plains

        Will we go back? I doubt we will return to Antipasti. It isn't that anything was bad. It is more that the value ratio was off. While I wasn't offended leaving my two hundred dollars at the table, I felt it could have been better spent somewhere else. If you like modern takes on traditional Italian cooking, you are into trying new wines, and you feel at home in a swanky establishment, then Antipasti might be a great choice for a night out.


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            wow, that's one of the best food blogs i've ever seen!

          2. in short horrible...pizza bad, pastas bad, fish bad, room loud and noisey, the bar area minor league, only good stuff was the salumi and cheeses..anything they had to make themselves was not good..we went a few months ago...wont go back

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              Really???? How very interesting, considering the review in In Town.

              AManHastoEat, what a well done, well designed blog.

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                yes dolores, really, not good at all, i wont go back

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                  Thanks for the positive feedback.

                  Of interest to people might be that Antipasti is owned, at least in part, by the same folks who run the Amore pizzerias.


              2. Doberlady - what did you think of your meal last night? My boyfriend and I were disappointed. The place seemed to be overbooked, we waited forever for our appetizer, and we found the food bland. Beautiful place, though. I would only go back for a drink and maybe to try the pizza which looked pretty good.

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                  Scarsdale- We had 6:30 reservations and had a totally different experience. The space was just beautiful. I told our server that we had a sitter and that we were in no rush.

                  We started with 3 choices from the antipasti bar:

                  fried zucc rounds (great)
                  stuffed mushroom (plain and boring)
                  bruschetta (good but very basic)

                  We also got an order of prosciutto that was just delicious and a bargain at $6. There must have been 1/4 lb and it was presented in little tuffs around a wooden cutting board with italian country bread in the middle.

                  Hubby had the short rib risotto (sp)- was just ok, very small amount of short rib and it was more watery then creamy

                  I had the gorgonzola crusted filet and it was cooked perfectly and was delicious. I wish the sides it came with were a tad bit more of a serving.

                  We shared dessert and had coffee.

                  When we sat down we were offered water (tap-plain-sparkling) I do not like tap water so we got the sparkling. I assumed we were getting a bottle of our own but we were poured 2 very large glasses full. When the bill came we realized they charge $6 PER GLASS. That is crazy in my opinion considering the vodka tonics were $10 each.

                  We left around 8pm and it was getting really crowded. I would suggest going at 7pm. The outside patio looked nice and had a lot of people enjoying drinks but when we left it was pouring and therefore I think the bar was really crowded.

                  I would go back as I really really liked the space. Was expensive overall and our bill was $170 for the 2 of us (my parents could not come) before tip and that included 4 drinks (3 gin and tonics and 1 martini) I am not sure it was worth a $200 dinner expecially comparing it to Restaurant X where I thought the food was outstanding.

                  I had on a skirt and top and felt kinda like a frumpy mom as we were leaving as everyone coming in was dressed very trendy LOL

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                    I'm glad you had a better experience! I had the short rib risotto as well...it definitely was more watery than creamy and I had to add salt, which I almost never have to do in a restaurant. I agree the crowd was very trendy -my boyfriend and I felt like old fogies!

                  2. We had dinner here last Saturday night for my husband's birthday and we ranked it as one of the worst dinners we have had in a very long time. It was a nice night, so we opted to sit outside. Many managers hovering around, which we found odd b/c they kept conferring with waiters in the corner, but it was quite difficult to get the attention of any of the waiters. Our waiter seemed to be annoyed that we had questions about the menu and the wine list. At one point, I asked about a particular wine and whether or not it was sweet and the waiter replied, " What number is it? No, that one is good." We had to ask to be told the specials. We also had to remind them that we had ordered a variety of antipasti. The stuffed mushrooms had no taste. The bruschetta was forgettable. The fresh mozzarella was nice and the meats were good, too. That's about it. We ordered the crab leg special only to discover it was merely some lumps of crab and cocktail sauce. The waiter had said it was cracked crab legs with a remoulade sauce. He actually offered to take it off the bill when we asked what on earth actually was on the plate.
                    My husband had the short rib risotto special which was anything but. It was a bowl of soupy risotto with 3 fatty, tiny pieces of meat on top. I had the swordfish special, which was fine. Nothing matched the waiter's descriptions...it was so bizarre.
                    We didn't stick around for dessert b/c we had no desire to endure any more weak service and unimpressive, uninspired food.
                    We would never go back and I have advised friends to avoid it at all costs.

                    1. I have eaten here twice recently and enjoyed it. The first time was with a friend and we stuck with antipasti, which I think is the way to go. We started with a scrumptious whole Burrata which came surrounded by delicate prosciutto. Also had nice soppresata and ricotta salata which was also very good. The bread was tasty and we asked for olive oil, salt and pepper for dipping. We then had eggplant rollantini (good), fried zucchini rounds (good) and the rice balls which weren't served crisp, and are supposed to be. However they crisped up nicely the next day in my toaster oven and the flavor was good. We then had a veggie pizzeta with olives, mushrooms, zucchini and artichoke hearts which was also good - the toppings were nice, the crust just ok.

                      This was on a Thursday night around 7 and although the bar area had some people in it, we were the only people in the dining room. It made me fear for the place. It's not cheap and I wondered if it would last in this economy. As a cheese lover, the antipasti idea is right up my alley. I love picking at appetizer type foods especially involving cheese and meats.

                      The second time was on a Friday night with my husband. It was a little earlier and the dining room had some people in it. Another couple was seated right next to us when there were so many other seats free. I find that so uncomfortable - you can't help but overhear each others conversations. Anyway, forgot to mention above how nice and spacious the place is inside (so not sure why we were seated so close!)

                      We had a mozzarella special which consisted of three types of the cheese - bocconcini, small burrata type balls that were creamy inside and smoked mozzarella - all delicious. The special was served with prosciutto as well and I ordered a special cheese of the day - forgot what it was called but it was kind of a mix between blue and goat cheese, served with honey and date nut bread - delicious. We had entrees this time - my husband the lasagna which he described as ok. The rudy part of annrudy is very picky and so an "ok" coming from him about a lasagna not made by his mother is actually quite good. I had an entree I don't see on the menu anymore - it was fish over a small pasta in a tomato based sauce - the fish was perfectly cooked, there was a filet of some sort and scallops and shrimp, with the exception of the calamari which was overcooked. The dish was nice but for some reason the flavors didn't meld together for me. I enjoyed the fish but the pasta wasn't appealing and the sauce was just ok.

                      For dessert we shared a trio of mousse which was also ok - they all tasted similar though, and I had an excellent decaf cappuccino.

                      I know my descriptions are mostly "good" and "ok" - I can't think of any other words to describe some of the food. I would stick to the Antipasti, especially the cheese and meats - they were scrumptious and everything else was "good".

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                        Seriously, ANOTHER place where one has to be selective with the menu?

                        Do they at least validate parking?

                        1. re: dolores

                          Well there is valet parking there.

                          1. re: annrudy

                            OK, that's acceptable. Thanks, annrudy.

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                              I heard the Chef was asked to leave; that's never good. I really enjoyed it there, don't know what to expect now.

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                                Look at their website. They have a new chef and are offering discount at lunch and have a different menu. Also are doing 5-7 happy hour with half price drinks and some free appetizers.

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                                    Troubles in the kitchen, specials, discounts and "different menu." Can you say DEATHWATCH! They should have opened with more accessible pricing and much, much better service. They could do VOLUME at this place, if you didn't have to break the bank every time you go. This is not Babbo. I hope it does work out, and it becomes a place that's a step up from your neighborhood Italian, where you can reliably go for good wine, apps, or a nice dinner.

                                    BTW- if you are looking to be fine dining, charge a lot and concentrate on your entrees and table service, why call yourself "Antipasti"?

                        2. As you can see from my earlier post, we literally had the worst dinner we have ever had at this restaurant. I cannot even believe it is still in business at this point. It was clear that they were having problems this summer when we went.

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                            Gee, can coupons be far behind. I guess I won't be paying for parking to try out their burrata.

                            Thanks for the updates, I never believed this place was good anyway.

                            1. re: dolores

                              They were offering $75 coupon if you booked a christmas party there.

                              1. re: dolores

                                WCBS is going to be offering $100 gift certificates for $50 (+$5 shipping) starting 1/12.


                                Look under Upcoming Offers.

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                                      That space is so big, and who knows what it cost to do it over; I heard some crazy amounts. I never see people there for lunch, and it doesn't look so busy at night either.

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                                        I think that when they opened last year with great fanfare and a pricey New York City chef, they expected to get the crowds from the Trump and The Ritz. I was there once for dinner and a number of times for a drink after work and never felt comfortable. Place is way to big. Staff was ever changing and not friendly. Never got the food/welcoming atmosphere right. They have been trying many things to turn the restaurant around. I know they have a new chef. I hope it works for them. I personally think with the ecomony these large spaces are going to have a hard time filling up with customers.

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                                          They should divest themselves of the sit-down portion (if possible) and make the bar area a wine bar and antipasti joint. Do it well, and focus on a wide array of wines by the glass and well-executed italian version of tapas (they can even fancy it up and call it stuzzichini). This would jibe with what I and other thought they were getting when they saw Papa Razzi's space was turning into a place called "Antipasti." Oh, and don't gouge us with the prices, and people will go on the weekdays and at lunch.

                                          1. re: Wizzapizza

                                            Wizzer...you are completely correct. Yes they did spend a fortune on the space...
                                            ...sad to say, we are in walking distance (home and office) and I rarely go there. It is good enough...but not good enough for the money. Strongly recommend going for a glass of Malbec (very reasonable option) and antipasti...not blown away otherwise...we will keep trying though do to proximity. Good eatin, t