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James Hook lobster co. destroyed by fire


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    1. They'll be back. I just had a lobster roll there yesterday for a perfect lunch break in gorgeous weather.

      1. It's just devistating for that family. Al Hook and his wife were friends of my parents and saw them socially often. I wonder if the children will be able to bring it all back. Prayers for all of them!

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          To be honest, I don't think they are going to be hurting, financially at least. Apparently they own the parcel (per a 1999 Globe article on Boston.com), which they could sell and then re-open the business many times over.

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            I guess you're right, and I hope so. But initially the impact of such a fire is stunning....

        2. when i lived in Boston, telling people to get a lobster roll at Hook and eat it down by the water was one of my key recs. after a 7 alarm fire, i can't imagine that will ever be the same even if they do make it back somehow. Devastating.

          1. This is awful news. I was in there 1 or 2x week. Fortunately no one was injured...but this is devastaing.

            unedited photos from this AM..no time now and will edit later


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              Thanks for posting pictures, 9lives. Terrible indeed.

            2. I just heard that 60,000 lbs. of Lobster were lost! OMG!!

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                Where did you hear that? Boston.com's article says 900 lbs. were lost, but they shipped 50,000 lbs. a day. Still - 900 lbs. at $9.00/lb. is a big loss!

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                  My husband yelled it from downstairs. I think he was watching NECN....

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                    Weird - it must have been changed. If you follow the link above it says "MacDonald said damages have been estimated at $5 million, including the loss of about 60,000 pounds of lobster." But if you go back to the boston.com front page and go to the article about the fire there, it says 900 pounds @ $9 a pound.

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                      Boy, am I confused. I think I'll quit now.....

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                        "The blaze devoured 60,000 pounds of lobster, which was valued at up to $9 a pound."

                        From Boston.com. They must be changing it as they get better info?

                        How awful.

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                          I guess it can get confoozling when various sites continually update the info they have!

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                          And Boston.com now shows 60,000 lbs. of lobster gone in the article and the blurb on the "front page". Half a million dollars. Whew. :-(

                    2. Perhaps it's too early to talk about this, but they didn't sound too hopeful about rebuilding their business.

                      What a horrible loss, not just for the Hook family and lobster lovers everywhere, but also for those of us who are still awed every day by the city's tremendous history. Another piece of old Boston gone forever, unfortunately.

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                        I agree. I enjoy stunning views from my office -- of the harbor, the airport, the seaport -- which will not be the same without Hook. Looking down now, as the fire department continues to douse the place with massive amounts of water, I can see that it's just gone.

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                          Horrible. Best of luck to the family. Sorry for your tremendous loss.

                        2. If I had to guess, I'd say the local real estate developers are drooling over that site. I'll bet it's sold for millions to build a hotel or hi-rise condos. I hope not.

                          1. I'm also in an office across the Channel from them and it's still smoking at 10am. Anything left inside is surely gone.

                            1. I was saddened and shocked to wake up to this news this morning. Best of luck to the family as they (hopefully) rebuild...

                              1. Terrible, terrible news.

                                Best wishes to the family.

                                1. I am heartbroken. I still have shrimp, sea bass and stuffed clams in the refrigerator from yesterday's trip there when Ed the owner wished me fish and flowers for my birthday.
                                  It was one of the things I loved about living in the Leather District.
                                  And now it's gone.
                                  Best to the Hook family. Please rebuild!

                                  1. I'm so sad! I was there right at five last night, I called ahead because I knew they were closing and the man working was kind enough to set two lobsters aside for me even though he was about to leave, he was so nice! What a shame!

                                    1. I just watched a video clip on NECN and they interviewed one of the owners. He said he was going to rebuild, so with fingers crossed I hope it happens. I think it will be an expense issue for them. Today's codes for that type of operation could be expensive. I don't care if they are the original size, I just want them to rebuild!

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                                        I cant imagine they are hurting for money.. I just read an article that says the damage is estimated at $5 million, so insurance should pay them aprox that amount. Plus I read that they ship 50,000lbs of lobster a day. Even if they only make $1/lb Thats over 18 million a year!

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                                          Still with the current costs of construction, especially on a pier, $5M isn't going to go very far.

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                                            Depending on the type of insurance they have, they could be covered to rebuild and replace building and equipment at todays cost. If the current value is $5 million and it cost $10 million to rebuild and replace they would be covered. If they were wise, they should of had business interuption coverage which would cover them for the loss of daily business until everything is replaced and they are back up and running.

                                            1. re: Infomaniac

                                              It seems fruitless, IMHO, to speculate as to what kind of insurance they may have had. Let's wait and see what happens.

                                      2. How horribly sad! What a wonderful family and exceptional experience - I will certainly miss them.

                                        1. This is heartbreaking on so many levels.

                                          The sight of that little building with its sign in the midst of all the highrise contruction was a constant Boston pleasure.

                                          The employees always took time to seek out the best culls, and the quality of the lobster they sold was some of the best anywhere.

                                          A Boston landmark has been lost, deepest sympathy for those affected by this tragic fire..