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May 30, 2008 03:01 AM

London - Efes Restaurants: Your Thoughts

This is a Turkish restaurant with two premises, one on Great Portland St and the other on Great Titchfield (I prefer the Titchfield address).
I was just curious as to what peoples' opinions and experiences of it were.

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  1. I've never been, but this is practically a work's canteen for some of my colleagues who work in Broadcasting House! Also we regularly go to a small place in Turkey, and it's where the owners of the hotel go when they're in London.

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    1. re: greedygirl

      I've been a customer for donkeys years.

      Its a reliable, traditional and reasonably priced kebab joint. Or rather both of them are.

      My default places for sensibly priced West End eating. Just about impossible to get a poor meal but on the OTH you will not get an outstanding plate.

      As mentioned above, vastly popular with BBC people and previously with ITN when their offices were nearby.

      They do their stuff well and stick to what they know - the menu is unchanged (bar prices) for at least 25 years and long may that continue.

      This is making me yearn for a special mixed kebab!

      1. re: alexjames

        I'm glad to hear it's still popular.
        The ambience and decor is staided unarguably, but the food is still great.
        I also love seeing those old waiters who have been working there since I was a child...
        Personally, I always order the Liver (Arnavut Ciger) starter and the special mixed kebab, plus sides of chips, hummus and yoghurt.
        The chicken in the mixed kebab is probably the best chicken I have eaten anywhere! lol

        1. re: aliak

          I am pretty sure that the two branches are no longer owned by the same people after a fall out between partners. I may just be imagineering that, however

          Always a decent standby but never going to blow you away. Their mixed kebab is a good soaker upper of a Friday night on the town.

          Seems a popular stop off point for cabbies getting takeaways too.


          1. re: Simon Majumdar

            Simon has it right.

            There was some sort of family schism about 10 years ago and one faction took the Gt Portland Street premises and the other stayed at the original in Gt Titchfield St.

            So they are no longer in common ownership but, having said that, a casual observer would take some convincing that the two restos are not branches of the same firm.

            As stated above, the liver starter is ace. Anybody know what the seasoning is - I guess sumac but would like to know more

    2. One useful area-specific tip. Efes 2 on Great Portland Street stays open late. They wouldn't tell me how late exactly but I believe I was there around 12.30 and it was going strong. Useful if you've got the late night munchies and are in the area. I think the downstairs area is used for Turkish lounge music of some sort. The food was decent, not stellar, But one has to be grateful for any place that offers late night sustenance. BB

      1. Used to go there back in the day. Had an awful meal a few months ago and have now decided to rule it out of my life!

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        1. re: loobcom

          Curious to hear what made the meal so awful, loobcom?

          Also, AlexJames, regarding the liver, I believe, though I am not certain, that they use Raki when cooking the dish. I think, the sumac is more a coating for the onions and not really a powerful flavouring.

          1. re: aliak

            Thanks for that Aliak.

            Do you mean the lethal drink called raki?