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May 30, 2008 02:02 AM

Oh Ramsay -- Your Restaurant is F%*#$ed

I ate at Ramsay's on Wednesday

I am going to keep it real short and simple....

Burrata mozzarella with heirloom tomatoes, cape gooseberries, basil pesto - Go to the local cheese shop get some Burrata mozzarella and a few Heirloom tomatoes dice it up and it will be the same thing. good nothing special.

Hand-dived sea scallops, cauliflower purée and sherry vinegar reduction - If you watched the last episode of Top Chef -- I think these were Spike's frozen scallops.

Monkfish with crispy chicken skin, lemon thyme consommé - Great idea for a dish OK execution. think shrimp wrapped in bacon and you kind of get the consistency of this dish.

Smoked pork belly with roasted Scottish langoustine, celeriac and apple - Belly lukewarm with a pale color opposed to a maple brown - how often do you have poor Pork Belly - not very often so this was a shocker.

Beef filet and Kobe short rib, cipollini onion, baby beets - Beef filet good / Kobe Short Rib a tastless disaster.

Artic Char - Fine - Tasted like Salmon I make from Ralphs

Additional Observations

-- Choclate Pudding was great -- would have liked to have tried more deserts
-- Since when do you see table salt shaker at a restaurant at this "level"?
-- get some more bread choices please
-- Lukewarm food
-- I guarantee portions will get bigger - no way this place can stick around with 3 little scallops.
-- I look forward to the LA Times & LA Weekly's review - this will be a test of their palate.
-- Don't even bother with the Sushi at the bar -- a whole other story.

By the time I left I think I had only 4 total BITES of food -- I'm starved

Look, I wanted to give it a rave but sorry to say that won't be happening

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  1. A great episode for Kitchen Nightmares I think.......retool

    1. Salt shaker on the table!!!

      I've heard great things about one of Ramsay's London restaurants. From the early returns here, sounds like he dumbed it down for L.A., and is clueless about the high end dining scene here. Very insulting. And what up with the throw back to the 80s tiny food.

      1. Agreed. I wanted to rave too but can't.

        I was there on the same night as you, and I can't even express how disappointed I was. Microscopic portions - the tortellini is ONE actual tortellini, if you cut it in half you can stretch it to two bites - I mean, it was really a joke. The service was poor and we also had billing issues and had to discuss with the manager, which was just embarrassing and tacky. It may be the worst dining experience I've had in LA, especially at that level. I have to say that it's not "good value for the money," or "simple and flavorful" as Ramsay always says on his show.

        Ramsay, I'd rather eat in one of those dirty pubs on your show, at least I wouldn't leave impoverished and still f-ing starving!!!!!

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        1. re: alex8

          I agree .I was there on Tuesday and really think Gordon needs to get in the program. He needs to do a kitchen nightmare on himself, at least show up and see what is going on .- Portioning - TOO SMALL, value - NONE, local foods -NOT, room - who desined it, - fire them . Flavor profiles -weak.
          Such a brilliant chef with such great insight in creating concepts and the guru of knowing whats wrong with restaurants, it is so dissapointing . Mario you were brilliant to make Nancy your partner.

          1. re: melangeinc

            I was there last night, we ate in the bar and ordered almost everything on the bar menu (7 of us). The sliders are pretty awful, ours came extremely rare, and the burger was about 30% smaller than the tiny buns, if that's at all possible. Truly, the burger was about 1" in diameter. And, I've never ordered edamame and received 14. We counted. $5 for 14 edamame.

            Drinks were very good, but whose idea was it to put the bar in the that tiny space, with no view? Is the idea that because the nightclub is going to have views, the restaurant bar doesn't get to have a view? I'd go back for the drinks (we all were very happy with the bartender), would hope they'd hire an actual cocktail server in the meantime (bartender does double duty as server - a Herculean task after 9PM), but would definitely eat prior because we left there very hungry.

            1. re: melangeinc

              Uhm... did we go to the same place? There were and are a bunch of locally sourced foods on the menu. What did you have?
              The Pig's Head is fantastic. The Pork Belly and Duck Tongues wow. I am not sure you can judge the place by eating the bar menu which is 100% different. I CHERISHED the small portions. They are tapas size and taps style. We had 4 each and were stuffed - it depends what you get and how rich you want it. But I am a bit taken aback by how accustomed America has become to huge plated, apparently. I though they were priced in line with the size and quality of the food....

              Burger - you eat your red meat anything else but rare ?! ;-)


              1. re: melangeinc

                Just to add on on your comment about kitchen nightmare, that is all staged with restuarant owner, they give to puor owner few thousands of dollars so he can pay his bills and than him and fox studio are making millions.It is a shame to use peopple like that who are already in pain and struglle. As you can see his own restaurants are the way they are, but he is cashing out on others people real nightmare.

            2. I have not heard anything good about Ramsey's restaurants. A friend of mine (I was never there) has been to his restaurants at the London in New York and did not have good things to say about them. Bad overpriced food was his review.

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              1. re: ducatist

                Yeah, his restaurant in NYC was torn to bits at first - but it's a first class place now, has LOVELY food and service (and a fantastic, albeit it very expensive innovative cocktail list), and all the papers in NYC have suddenly turned around. Try the NYC one, for lunch. It's superb and the lunch menu is in fact a bargain!


              2. "I look forward to the LA Times & LA Weekly's review - this will be a test of their palate."

                Jonathan Gold isn't raving in the new LA Weekly. But that's no surprise: When the L.A. Michelin Guide came out, he made a sideswipe at the Gordon Ramsay, calling his flagship London restaurant "supremely boring." Actually, when Gordon Ramsay's restaurant opened in the London New York, it went through similar birthing pains and didn't get raves there.

                I suspect Gordon Ramsay's restaurant will, along with Craft and BLT Steak, be part of a new breed of Vegas-style imported restaurant aiming for high-end visitors and moneyed diners more interested in scene and VIP attention than food. (This isn't to say the food can't be good at these places. But the food will always be the secondary concern at these ventures.)

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                1. re: Woolsey

                  I disagree in this case. Most times, this is quite true. A chef becomes 'an empire' or dicks around on TV, the restaurants suffer.
                  Joachim Splichal in LA is a good example. Pinot and Patina are a distant memory and his places remaining are expensive, badly managed with subpar food. Oh yes, he caters pretty much all concert venues in the county now.
                  (don't ever order a steak at Nick & Stefs and expect it to be close to what you ordered in doneness - and don't expect them not to argue about it with you).

                  My point: I WANTED to find fault, and the same with Gordon. But having been to his place(s) in London, NYC and now LA, I disagree: I think the food is marvelous, innovative and not overpriced (it's expensive - absolutely!). I think he delivers, and has done so in LA as well, even though the menu is slightly dumbed down from the NYC and to a higher degree, his Chelsea place.