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May 30, 2008 01:22 AM

Help me choose...

If cost is no object, which would you recommend for the best dining experience,
Gary Danko, Masa, Dining Room, Fifth Floor, or other (SF only)? (only 1 choice please)

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    1. Depends on how YOU define "best"

      Danko and Dining Room don't even make my lists. Neither does Boulevard or Michael Mina.

      My tops at the moment:

      Fifth Floor

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      1. re: Carrie 218

        thank you for your suggestions
        "best" loosely defined as interesting menu selections and of course, tasty
        enjoy "slow food"
        (already been to Ame, Boulevard, Quince, Range, Aqua, Coi)
        need a splurge destination suggestion located within SF...

        1. re: ankimo

          I love the Dining Room, but "interesting menu selections" it's not, if you're used to eating at the likes of Ame and Coi. I think of it more as "Tasting Menu 101" and recommend it highly to people who've never had that type of experience.

          But of your list, for someone who's already eaten at some of the city's best, I'd choose Fifth Floor.

      2. Of that list, currently I'd pick Fifth Floor (which I haven't been to) because I love Gascon cuisine.

        If I had an unlimited expense account, I'd go to Rubicon for the wine list.