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May 29, 2008 10:26 PM

Rooftop drinks @ 205 Fifth Avenue?

I was having drinks at the Pen-Top at The Peninsula. I thought someone said 205 Fifth also has a rooftop bar. Has anyone been? How are the views? What's the general feel to the place?

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  1. It's actually "230 Fifth." The rooftop is great and the views are wonderful. The crowd is young (20's and very young 30's) and the drinks are on the pricier side ($12-$14 for a mixed drink).

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      That's cheap compared to the Peninsula. I was there last week and their specialty mixed drinks were $22 a pop. All of the wines by the glass were over $16 I believe and the plates for sharing were all well over $40. The view was unbeatable, the drink I had was really great (Hendricks, elderflower liquer, lime), and their bar snacks were top notch (and free). But at that price one drink was enough to send us groundward to cheaper haunts for the next drink.

      Before we hit Peninsula we tried to go to the rooftop at the Library Hotel, but it's closed on Mondays. I bet it's worth a shot though...

    2. The views are great. The bottle service is on the cheaper side compared to other bottle service places in NY. It does get packed. I recommend you have bottle service reservations if you want to be comfortable and sit. They also take walk ins and they are not an intimidating place. We usually use them for after work drinks. 230 5th

      1. i think 230 fifth is worth seeing once. the view at night is pretty unbeatable. but the crowd has become slightly b&t, it's a total zoo and it's so jam-packed with tables and chairs there's barely any standing room, that and the drinks are super expensive.

        i just went to hotel metro and it was way more lowkey and if you get there by 630, 7ish you'll get a table with the empire st. bldg right smack behind you. you're not as high, 12th floor or so, but still very cool. would definitely go back.

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        1. re: monasapple

          Hi monasapple,

          Hotel Metro's website shows Metro Grill but I didn't see anything about outdoor space. Are you talking about the Grill room or another place entirely?

          From your description it sounds like it's worth checking out and I just want to be sure to go to the right place!


          1. re: uwsgrazer

            hey uwsgrazer,
            i took a few pix. you have the right place. think it may also go by metro grill.
            sorry for the delayed response.

        2. what is the Pen-Top at the Peninsula like?

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          1. re: calconscious

            Perfect for a warm evening like last night was. Great views and an open sky feeling, or as much as this is possible in midtown Manhattan. I don't remember the exact floor but you're high up, at least in the 20s I would guess.

            Drinks are pricey; I guess no surprise there given the venue and location. Not sure exactly how much but I would guess maybe mid to high teens for a basic glass of wine, so higher than 230 Fifth based on LeahBaila's report. It also gets crowded but not as packed as the posts suggest for 230. Crowd varies in age -- probably more 30-something on up to 50s.

            There are three sections, actually four. On either side of the bar there are terraces. One is at least semi-covered usually, and smaller in size but not tiny. I definitely prefer to sit on the other side which isn't covered and is larger in area. Seating is at tables for about four. I think I've seen tables put together for larger groups. They also have "beds" (that's really what the waiter called them) which are more like lounging areas. I guess sometimes people stand but at what people pay for drinks they probably aren't willing to be left standing for long. The bar area inside has a few tables to the side, in additon to a few bar stools. Then across from the bar is a lovely small terrace that has a great view looking north.

            Definitely worth visiting and a great place to bring out-of-towners. You pay for the view, though

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              It looks as if Pen-Top has been rechristened Salon de Ning. If you click the link below and are patient you can see a picture of the terrace and the "bed" seating. There's also background information on the salon


              1. re: uwsgrazer

                Is there a cover charge for the rooftop bars? I'm visiting New York in a few months, and got the distinct impression that may rooftop bars were available for hotel guests only (and unfortunately I'm too skint to stay at the Peninsula for a week). Is this correct? Anyone know of rooftop bars that are open to the public?

                Thanks for any tips!

                1. re: hangrygirl

                  hangrygirl, I think they are generally open to the public but as others here have noted they can charge steep prices for drinks as a means to "charge" for the views. I've never paid a cover at The Peninsula. Someone else paid the last time I went so I can't say for sure but I think it is unlikely that there is a cover.

            2. i think monasapple is pretty spot on in her description. the view is lovely, but i no longer recommend the place for drinks or service (or the crowd). it's faux classy and getting to be a little threadbare in parts.

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              1. re: cimui

                I completely agree with cimui and monasappe. The view is quite nice, but the drinks are 1) not made well and 2) not strong so you don't really feel like you are getting your money's worth at the steep prices. I think it's fine to go, but just know what to expect re: drinks.