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May 29, 2008 09:39 PM

Staying in National Harbor area - crabhouses nearby?

We will be at a convention in a couple of weeks at the Westin (not sure it is even open yet)... and only have a small amount of free time, so we wont be able to venture very far.

I find very little in reference to the area immediately around Gaylord National and the Westin on these message boards... but I am hoping that some of you fine local folks know of a serious crabhouse that isnt too far from these hotels since this is a new area.

I would hate to think that the closest I will get to having some outrageous Maryland style hardshells is on my patio when I make them with our Florida blueclaws.

Also... I discovered a Fosters Clambake located at National Harbor... has anyone eaten there?

Any advice as to where to eat... other than at Gaylord hotel will be appreciated. Had to make reservations at Gaylord 'just in case' as my experience is that the hotel restaurants are oversold... but would really prefer nearby local seafood. We run gamut from paper on tables all the way to white tablecloth... we have four nights to eat well after being on our feet all day at convention.

Found a thread from last month... that answered much of my request... and nothing nearby Gaylord or Westin... BUT how about Crabhouse in Old Town Alexandria?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. There isn't much on the board since opened recently and not all of the facilities are up and running. If you have a car you are close to southern Maryland and its eats. Will need to to a board search for ideas. And this is another message chain about eats and the Gaylord guests

    1. If you want to eat crabs, you will need a car. There is nothing near the National Harbor that I would recommend. (There are a few fast food places, an Outback, delis, and the few carry out places for crabs are not good AT ALL.) Since the Harbor is new, there is also little in the way of food at the Harbor itself other than hotel restaurants. I believe Foster's is a caterer and not a restaurant at the Harbor. You can get to a Southern Maryland crabhouse in about 35 minutes via back roads from the Harbor (I can think of at least 3 within that distance).

      Other alternatives for food: Take the ferry from the Harbor ($12 RT) over to Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Lots of choices there. You can check the boards as there are lots of recommendations. There are no crab houses in Old Town -- some good crab cakes, though.

      1. Has anyone tried the new(er) location of Ernie's Original Crab House on King St?. I found a couple of reviews online that say decent things about it. It's easily accessible to the OP via car, or the water taxi and free King St. Metro.