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May 29, 2008 09:39 PM

New fun topic. What was the worst dish you've had and where

My musing about how gross the mac & cheese was at the Last Hurrah made me inspired to ask others, what has been one of the worst dishes you've ever had at a restaurant and where did you have it?

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  1. A side dish of sauteed wild mushrooms at Grotto. The meal as a whole was an epic failure on every level, but I still feel almost personally insulted by that dish of mushrooms, a moist, slimy pile of limp, flavorless, wormlike ooze. How do you make wild mushrooms utterly devoid of flavor or texture?

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    1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

      How? You cook the ish out of them. Something, unfortunately, a lot of restaurants in The Bean do.
      As far as worst dish I've ever had ... a well respected, blue-haired, local chef once served me a perfectly roasted quail, stuffed with the worst tuna tartar I've ever had. The whole concept is like watching a bad episode of Hell's Kitchen.

      1. re: FastTalkingHighTrousers

        Not sure I would have ordrered tuna tartar stuffed quail in the first place.

        I don't have an epic worst meal but this reminds me of this week's Globe's review of Central 37 (is that the name?). Yikes, she had a bad time with 90% of those dishes.

    2. A mixed seafood platter at Union Oyster House. Burnt swordfish, boiled cod? tasteless scallops, limp vegetables, not an ounce of salt on ANYTHING. Worst dish ever HANDS DOWN. Just stick to the chowder and raw bar.

      1. These were both my first and only times at these restaurants.

        A plate of guacamole at Margaritas in Waltham that looked brown and tasted like old fish.

        The beef tendon at Pu Pu Hot Pot in Cambridge, which was room-temperature tendon chunks in a bland brown sauce, on a plate next to nearly-raw broccoli and celery, and some overcooked rice.

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        1. re: Luther

          Thank you for reminding me why I have never eaten at Pu Pu Hot Pot, and why I never should.

          Sometimes I get so desperate for new lunch options in the area, I think "maybe I should give them a chance." Your post tells me my gut is right.

          1. re: kobuta

            the only thing i get from there is kan sho calamari. that is worth it.
            sure the squid is previously frozen but they do a nice job.

            just tears.

        2. Meatloaf at the long-gone-and-good-riddance Pentimento's in Huron Village. It was like if the cook was from another planet and someone gave a vague description of what meatloaf is. A fully inedible mush with raisins (!!!) and waaaay too much salt. What's more, when I tried to send it back the server said something like, "Okay, but if you want something else you're still going to have to pay for the meatloaf."

          1. The brisket at Firefly's in Quincy. Basically, it was a big pile of rubbery cubes of fat with a little bit of meat mixed in. They were literally inedible--I couldn't even break them down by chewing on them, and frankly, it was kind of gross even trying to do so.

            In fairness, I did have a really good pulled pork sandwich from Firefly's since that debacle, but I'm still kind of peeved at them about the brisket...