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May 29, 2008 09:37 PM

vegan in nashville?

we are heading down to nashville for a wedding tomorrow. we're looking for a vegan-friendly (ie no vegetables cooked in lard/soup with chicken broth is not veg) place for dinner.

it doesn't have to be a 100% veg place but we'd be happy to go somewhere totally vegetarian/vegan. Our vegan does not eat eggs/dairy/honey/fish/meat. we'd like for it to be somewhere with more than 1 veg/vegan option on the menu. We also would love if it's somewhere semi-nice, since it's a pretty special occasion.

we're staying near vanderbilt and driving in for 5 hours, so we'd appreciate something close-ish

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  1. Eek! Vegetarian is one thing, but vegan will be a little more difficult. I think your best bet might be to call some of the better chef-driven restaurants in the area ahead of time and ask them if the chef could create a vegan meal for you. Here are some places you might try:


    Also maybe...

    The Acorn
    Midtown Cafe

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      I'd also check out Flyte as well -- they do a daily vegetarian and use locally grown produce/organic when possible and I think would also try to accomodate you if you call ahead.