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May 29, 2008 09:22 PM

Lunch on Newbury/Back Bay area?

So I don't venture to this part of town too much, it isn't really a chow destination of Boston, minus Lespalier and Clio I would say, but I am meeting a friend for lunch and want to make the most of it at least. Lespalier is out just for the fact that it is a little to formal, and I was thinking about sitting outside as it is going to be one of those stellar Boston spring days. My options that I was thinking of about are La Voile (have been seeing a lot of negative reviews lately tho), Cafeteria Boston, Vox, or...

Find Sonsie to be pretty awful from my few visits, Kashmir is out as DC wouldn't really dig it, but otherwise all help is appreciated.

Let me know if anyone has any insight on these places, or other places that have patios. Doesn't have to be a top end meal, a really good burger would do, maybe a couple of creative menu items, a decent outdoor patio, and good drinks. Thanks for any help.

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  1. did u read my review of La Voile? I would avoid that place. I have a link to pics I took too:

    I didn't get a chance to try it, but Stephanie's on Newbury looks good from their menu:

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      Stephanie's is legendarily awful: avoid it at all costs.

      I suggest Brasserie Jo at the Colonnade Hotel on Huntington, behind the Pru. They have a patio and the food is quite good. I'm a particular fan of the mussels and the onion soup, though I've heard the Croque Monsieur is excellent if you're looking for something a bit lighter.

    2. Brasserie Jo is a good suggestion. Across the street there is a newly opened place, also part of a chain, that I don't know much about, but looks fine from walking past. If you move over to Boylston, there is Abe and Louie's for more upscale, and probably pretensious dining, but it is very popular as is the Atlantic Fish Co. Both have patios with a lot of foot traffic, if you are into people watching. Move over to Newbury St and there is Bouchee, which is also French and about on a par with Brasserie Jo. The original Piatinni is still operating, but it's patio is very small, but I like the food there. If you have a great day to be outside, the food will probably taste twice as good as it normally does.

      1. Tapeo on Newbery Street has patio dining and some pretty decent Spanish tapas.

        1. So we decided to do lunch at Cafeteria Boston friday. Great weather and a nice patio might have given the entire meal a boost, but the food was far better than it had to be (being one of the Newbury St spots with a patio). Had a very good buffalo mozz Caprese salad and the kobe burger. DC had pear salad and margharita pizza. Mozz was three nice sized slices of gooey, tangy mozz, layered with surprisingly decent tomatoes (hot house I am guessing, its only may) some arugula, basil, & olive oil. Pear salad was a simple, crisp salad with arugula, julienne pears, gorgonzola, and toasted walnuts. Burger was cooked nicely, with cheddar, carm onions, lettuce, and tomato with a nice brioche roll, and ok fries. Pizza was simple margharita, not too cheesy, thin crispy crust, and perfect for one person or as an app for two i would think. All that with a bottle of sangria, great patio, and nice crowd (not all students, or europeans, or tourists, rather a nice mix of everyone). It wasn't cheap (14 i think for the kobe burger, 10 or 11 for the pizza), but not to bad seeing they have to pay rent at Newbury and Gloucester. Most of the entrees were in the low 20s, and I think they do the same menu. I used the restrooms inside and it was kinda interesting. Cork looking booths and chairs, clean modern look, a big marble bar. They also have an upstairs dining room, The patio is def. their bread and butter though, and from my first trip, I would actually venture to Newbury street again. I'm sure at night they have a good cocktail scene and they have a little lounge kind of area that would seem interesting. Pleasantly surprised I would say.