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May 29, 2008 08:57 PM

Saratoga Springs has cheesesteaks.

Visited the new Liberty Bell Cheese Steaks, across from the Parting Glass. Surprisingly good steaks, made by a couple of guys from Philadelphia. Even the roll tasted right. Lots of Philadelphia stuff, including soft pretzels and Tasty Cakes, too. Not Tony Luke's exactly, but the real deal.

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  1. Across Lake Ave or the perpendicular street?

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    1. re: jspear

      Across Henry Street, the perpendicular.

      Liberty Bell Cheese Steak Shop
      88 Henry St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

      1. re: PSZaas

        I thought that was Scallions??

        1. re: jspear

          Next door to Scallions. No connection.

    2. I'm heading up there in three weeks. I'll have to give it a shot.

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      1. re: jhopp217

        Try Scallions, near by as well, best take out lunch in Saratoga, used to have an exceptional chicken salad.....don't miss Springwater Bistro, Chianti and Mousan House.... but be aware that we are coming up to high season in Saratoga...

        1. re: jspear

          I am well aware. I go every year around this time. I've also been up fr the Travers a few times. I love the place!

      2. I've gotten them there twice since they opened, and thought both times that even with the Cheese Whiz that they were pretty dry towards the bottom part of the meat. Been so long ago that I had them in Pat's in Philadelphia that I don't remember if that's the norm. Any reactions? The whole grillling process seems to almost be "cooked to order," and pretty slow, and I wonder how they are going to handle it when it gets more crowded when the track crowds are in town.

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        1. re: trakman

          "Cooked to order" is a plus for cheese steaks; meat that sits on the grill gets steamy-tasting. Time will tell how they deal with the July-August rush.

        2. So-so. Too much Wiz, meat chopped way too fine, expensive. Better in Philly, for sure.

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          1. re: gerchak

            Sorry to hear, is it not worth trying??

            1. re: jspear

              He's right, they're better in Philly. But unless you're actually IN Philly, they're well worth trying.

          2. Liberty Bell Cheesesteaks has closed, don't know why. Nothing on the website, note on the padlocked door. Too bad.