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May 29, 2008 08:45 PM

24" range

My odd 1970's counter mounted range died, and I need to replace it. I have a VERY small kitchen and I was wondering if anyone here had a 24 inch rather than 30 inch range. I am going to have to rework some cabinets either way. Input is appreciated. Oh yeah. I will gain a corner cabinet as there is now a 6" dead space next to the range... really irritates me.

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  1. I know nothing about 24" ranges, but if you need to rework your cabinets and can manage a 30" range, I would highly recommend the Bosch dual-fuel range. We did a major remodel about a year ago and purchased this range based upon the recommendation of our kitchen designer and a very high Consumer Reports rating. We are thrilled with the range. It has an excellent cooktop with a very high (>15. 000 btu) burner, and excellent simmering capabilities....and the electric oven has more settings than we will ever use...from convection baking, roasting and broiling...to dehydrating, warming and even sabbath settings. Also has a very useful warming drawer. We love it, and if you can somehow manage a 30" range we are sure you will be thrilled with this range.

    1. If you have 6" of dead space just get a 30" range!

      There is at least one company offering a 24" pro-style range, it is essentially half of a 48", I've seen it at the trade show and maybe even a dealer. BUT 24 oven's are very tight (as you probably know...) and the pro style is not really any cheaper than a nicer standard 30"...

      I would not recommend replacing with a standard 24" range because they just scream "cheap apartment" to everyone...

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        i've got 6" of dead space with the 30" range (which has counter level burners and a 27" wide, very shallow oven above). If I had a 24" then I could have a useful corner cabinet (my kitchen is 5'x9'), which would help offset the loss of the present cabinet under the burners. I'm not really concerned about how others perceive this as I am about functionality. Years and years ago i had a 21" range, that was very tight, but was wondering if the extra 3 inches made a a difference.

        And it has to be electric, there is no gas in the condo.

        I appreciate the feedback, and will definitely take it into consideration.