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May 29, 2008 08:45 PM

24" range

My odd 1970's counter mounted range died, and I need to replace it. I have a VERY small kitchen and I was wondering if anyone here had a 24 inch rather than 30 inch range. I am going to have to rework some cabinets either way. Input is appreciated. Oh yeah. I will gain a corner cabinet as there is now a 6" dead space next to the range... really irritates me.

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  1. I know nothing about 24" ranges, but if you need to rework your cabinets and can manage a 30" range, I would highly recommend the Bosch dual-fuel range. We did a major remodel about a year ago and purchased this range based upon the recommendation of our kitchen designer and a very high Consumer Reports rating. We are thrilled with the range. It has an excellent cooktop with a very high (>15. 000 btu) burner, and excellent simmering capabilities....and the electric oven has more settings than we will ever use...from convection baking, roasting and dehydrating, warming and even sabbath settings. Also has a very useful warming drawer. We love it, and if you can somehow manage a 30" range we are sure you will be thrilled with this range.

    1. If you have 6" of dead space just get a 30" range!

      There is at least one company offering a 24" pro-style range, it is essentially half of a 48", I've seen it at the trade show and maybe even a dealer. BUT 24 oven's are very tight (as you probably know...) and the pro style is not really any cheaper than a nicer standard 30"...

      I would not recommend replacing with a standard 24" range because they just scream "cheap apartment" to everyone...

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        i've got 6" of dead space with the 30" range (which has counter level burners and a 27" wide, very shallow oven above). If I had a 24" then I could have a useful corner cabinet (my kitchen is 5'x9'), which would help offset the loss of the present cabinet under the burners. I'm not really concerned about how others perceive this as I am about functionality. Years and years ago i had a 21" range, that was very tight, but was wondering if the extra 3 inches made a a difference.

        And it has to be electric, there is no gas in the condo.

        I appreciate the feedback, and will definitely take it into consideration.