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May 29, 2008 08:30 PM

Decent places to go for a drink in Palo alto

Having been in palo alto a few months now I'm still searching desperately for a decent, non pretentious, bar/pub with good beer and maybe a outdoor area. It shouldn't be hard to find, right? If anyone replies reccomending the rose and crown i'll go insane.

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  1. I don't know if it's non pretentious but may be the bar at La Bodeguita Del Medio. Sorry I can't be of further help, soccer mom here.

    1. You might want to try the Alpine Inn in Portola Valley. It's not too far from P.A. Or maybe the British Bankers Club in Menlo Park.

      1. Perhaps you can describe what you don't like about the places you've been? What beers do you like? I'm an IPA man, and a place with a great belgian selection leaves me cold.

        You've tried Oasis and Dutch Goose and BBC? Those are common answers to unpretentious beer garden. I'm not wild about their beers. I was not happy with Alpine Inn's beer selection either.

        Rose and Crown is too British for me. I don't like british styles. And the place is a little run down - just like a proper british pub - but I wouldn't consider it out of the question as a recommendation.

        One overlooked choice I've settled on is Cafe Barrone. The beer selection there is interesting - only 4 taps, but they're great taps. Murphey's, Anderson Valley, Lagunitas, usually some kind of wheat/belgian.

        Another option is going all the way up to Redwood City to City Pub. THey have a few seats out front, but aren't much for outdoor seating.

        One reason you see little outdoor seating is it's cold on the peninsula for about 1/2 the year. Cold by california standards. You might have to relax that constraint.

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          Replying to my own post --- I think an uphill alert on Rose and Crown is in order. They've cleaned up their act in the last few years. The place doesn't smell like old stale beer anymore, and they've added a *lot* of Belgians. The place gets rowdy with the college students after about 8pm, and it's still a cheerless square box, but any place that has Leffe Dark on tap gets extra stars.

          The food is average - the fish and chips was tasty but had no snap to the coating, the steak sandwich was average.

          1. re: bbulkow

            Oasis, Dutch Goose, BBC, and Cafe Barrone are in Menlo Park.

            If you want non-pretentious, you'll have to leave Palo Alto - that's all they do. Try Menlo Park, Mountain View, or Redwood City.

            1. re: 512window

              Eh? Antonio's Nut House on California about halfway from El Camino to the train station. Back in the day they had the best cheeseburgers around (and that's saying something because the old incarnation of Kirk's was next door) but now it's just joe-average tacos. However: unpretentious, freaks, cheap beer, and pool. What's not to like?