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May 29, 2008 07:53 PM

Lounge/cocktails in la Roma?

I`m on a 2-month vacation in DF from the Bay Area. Any recommendations for a grungy-hip to semi-classy place for creative cocktails in Col. Roma? Not looking for a cantina, dancing, or margaritas/mojitos, etc. Guess I'm jonesing for California-style reverence for drink ingredient even as I celebrate my escape from a foodie scene to a place that just has amazing food.

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  1. No sympathy for your Jones, since I would so love to have 2 mos. in DF!! Would you post some of your trip's highlights in exchange for a couple tips, por favor?

    There was an awesome bar at Primo (first place I had a drink with muddled basil and blackberrries a few years ago) - I think the establishment changed hands/name but I would bet it still has a good cocktail program. It is on Durango at the edge of the traffic circle at Ave. Oaxaca.

    Also, if you can go before the early closing time, there's a nice drink list at Contramar - I never had any wait to sit at the bar and you can get a drink or the full food menu there.

    1. Condessa D.F. is probably, exactly, what you are looking for.

      1. In Roma, I like to go to the Red Fly. It was closed for renovations when I tried to go about a month ago, but they are probably open again now. They are on Orizaba, right by the park. Kinda funky, not too creative with the cocktails, but fun.

        To hang out in a sidewalk bar, go to La Travesares, also on Orizaba, but the other side of the park (closer to Alvaro Obregon). Decent wine, good people watching and they do an Argentinian grill on the weekends.

        Then there is always No Solo Bar, on Alvaro Obregon. Go to the upstairs, the bar is there and they usually have a DJ. There are some more interesting drinks than other places.

        That's about it for my usual bar hopping haunts in Roma.

        Oh, no wait! ...down Orizaba from the Red Fly (away from Alvaro Obregon), there is a little hole in the wall Mezcaleria, which is fun and dangerous (from your liver's point of view, anyway).