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Good Food near University of Calgary

I am going to be at U of C for most of next week and am wondring if anyone knows where the best places for good food are near the university . . . I wont have a car . . . but stuff on the public transit or reachable inexpensively by cab that is worth travelling for is also of interest.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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  1. From the university, you can take the C-train and be downtown in 20 minutes, or in Kensington in 15. Both the Kensington area and Stephen Ave (8 Ave, between Centre and 4th Streets) have a number of great food destinations, including Muse, Crave (if you like sweet cupcakes) and Janice Beaton Fine Cheeses in Kensington, and Divino and Rose Garden Thai Restaurant, among others.

    Near the 8th St./7 St. stations on the C-train line, there are two excellent coffee houses: Bumpy's Cafe and the newly opened Kawa.

    The area right in walking distance of the university is a bit of a food wasteland. On campus, I recommend the noodles from the Vietnamese place in MacEwan Hall and Good Earth in the IT building for baked goods and mac 'n' cheese.

    1. In the strip mall just west of "Motel Village", on the east side of Crowchild - Saigon Y2K Vietnamese Restaurant at the south end (2110 Crowchild Trail NW) -, and Big T's BBQ Smokehouse at the north end of the strip mall (2138 Crowchild Trail NW). Both good food and easy to get to from the C-train station at the north end of Motel Village. Sorry I don't know what that station is called.

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        Banff Trail- one stop south of University Station, or about a 15-minute walk from the centre of campus.

        Two stops is Lions Park station, which is adjacent to North Hill Mall- it has a small food court with one gem: Koryo Grill, fast-food Korean BBQ.

        Four stops is Sunnyside and the various delights of the Kensington neighbourhood.

      2. We usually walk from U of C to Saigon Y2K. I've been in Mexico for a few months and forget the street names, but just walk down the main road in front of U of C, cross the stadium parking lot then cross the pedestrian foot bridge. It takes about twenty minutes or so. Otherwise, I do remember the name of the C-train station there: Banff Trail. It's one stop from the university station, but if you're coming from the opposite side of campus and have to wait for a train, walking is just as fast.

        1. On Banff Trail (the avenue that connects you there is 23rd avenue), behind the stripmall that holds Saigon Y2K, Big T's, Dairy Queen, etc... is a row of motels. Inside the Quality Inn (2359 Banff Trail) is a really good Thai restaurant called Thai Place.

          In terms of places accessible via transit, are you wondering from a lunch perspective, or from a get out and look around in the evening perspective? Downtown and Kensington would be a tough grind at lunch time, but if you have the time, you can take the C Train to either in the evening and wander around. Both would open up a whole bevy of good restaurants.

          1. How about Nicks?? Its a short walk from Uof C and from Banff Trail station, great steaks and pizza ,its been around for ever and is popular with the university crowd..

            1. I know taste is all about the individual, but just wanted to note that my partner and I have been sorely disappointed by both Nick's and Big T within the last few months. Nick's seems to be running under some new terrible management--not even the steak was good! And Big T apparently is no longer actually smoking their meats--was comparable to eating at Tony Roma's. Would heartily recommend trying the C-Train instead of either of those places.

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                The last couple of pizzas I've order from Nick on 14th have been disappointing too.

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                  A little over a year ago, I went out of my way to try Big T's. It was disappointing and I have never returned.

                  Don't believe the hype.

                2. How about Stadium Shopping Centre? About 1km (according to Google) from the main UofC entrance - south on University Dr, west on Unwin Rd.
                  Redwater Grill, Bon Ton (mmmm meat pies), Wendy's, Keg, Tim's (across the road by the Shell).
                  Probably a couple of other places I haven't mentioned.

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                    I'll second stadium. You can get a great meal - Bon Ton has good selection of prepared food. They have these barbequed prime rib bones...huge carniverous bones with a massive chunk of meat on it with a sweet, sticky bbq sauce. The meat is fairly tender, it is rich and it is very cheap (~4$ for one). Couple that with a salad from there and a crusty sourdough from Cobbs and you're set.

                    Also if you venture out a bit more there's Jimmy's for shwarmas, Koryo at Northill mall etc. Now if only we could get some drinkable coffee around here that could make the days slightly bearable.

                  2. Thanks for all the good tips.