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May 29, 2008 07:40 PM

Tasting Menu at Craft?

Hi All,

We are going to Craft for the first time on Saturday night. We will be a group of six.
Should we go for the tasting menu?
$95/person plus $65 for wine pairing. Has anyone gotten it before?

Or will we get more bang ordering family style since we can pick and choose. Won't be stuck with 6 same dishes....

Thanks for any advice and recs!

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  1. Suggest family style. So much to choose from and you probably won't hit anywhere near $95 unless you get six entrees which you probably don't need.

    1. I'm glad to see that they have a tasting menu now. Last time I went, Chef Accarrino had to do one especially for me. It was mostly dishes from the a la carte selection, but it looks like this new tasting menu is going to consist of unique dishes. Here's my tasting report:

      But in your situation, I would definitely consider ordering a bunch of dishes and sharing, if you guys are comfortable with that.

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        Oooo Kevin, your blog made me even more excited for Craft!! The pics of the food look amazing!

        I will definitely suggest we order family style. Like the idea of trying a bunch of different items. Maybe if we see a dish that peaks our fancy on the tasting menu, we could always ask about possibly ordering it separately...