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May 29, 2008 07:14 PM

Cooper's Seafood in Pittston PA

Can anyone recommend this waterfront restaurant for lunch??

What's their best dish??

I want to stop by on Friday with my family.


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  1. Haven't been in a long long time but can't recommend based on my memories and the opinions of several people I trust. The decor is absolutely hilarious as well. Great beer list is a plus.

    I believe their clam chowder is the signature dish.

    1. If this is the area you are going to be in, then I will recommend it, but I will say, the Scranton location is better. They are known for their crab bisque.

      1. my brother graduated from Scranton last week and we when there after it. This place sucks and don't go there. Food bad, service bad, the only thing the place has going for it was the view of the river and they would not sit us in that room even though the hole room was empty