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May 29, 2008 07:08 PM

Entertaining clients in Seattle, totally clueless

I will be in Seattle for a few days next month. I am looking for several suggestions and I'll try and keep this brief:

1. Sushi -- location doesn't matter
2. Take out -- in the area of the 1100 block of 4th avenue
3. Good lunch spots downtown for a client lunches
4. A great place to take clients to dinner, price not a big concern, locattion could be anywhere.

I should preface this by saying I am utterly clueless. I have never been further west than Colorado. Any helo would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

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  1. Good lunch spots for client lunches? Try Matt's in the Market, Steelhead Diner, Icon Grill and Sazerac for starters.

    Dinner? Ray's Boathouse, Canlis, Palisades. Reservations required for all. Make them now. The summer months are prime time in Seattle.

    1. I concur with firecracker's suggestions and also add McCormick's, McCormick and Schmick's, Brooklyn Grill, and Union Square Grill for lunches. There's nothing thrilling or frankly even chowish about them but they're set up for business lunches and have flawless service, will give you the check (as opposed to just putting it on the table) if you ask, serve quickly, have high-walled booths for privacy, aren't so noisy that you can't have a conversation, and have a wide-ranging enough menu for most tastes.

      What line of work are you in? That might help me think of other suggestions.

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      1. 2. take out for what? lunch? dinner? there are a number of box lunches places that will deliver for lunch if that's what you need. Try Gretchens, Harried and Hungry, who both have websites.

        3. closest to 1100 4th: the Brooklyn, Union Square Grill, Sazerac. All decent sit down places, nothing spectacular, good for business lunches, not creative.

        4. Best in Seattle with a view: Canlis or Ray's Boathouse. Downtown: The Metropolitan Grill and Oceanaire have good business dinner atmosphere. Campagne in the Market is also a good choice.

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          For the sushi choice, Umi Sake House is very good, prob not the best in town, but is good location for the rest of your stay, and certainly in the top 5.

          For take out, try Zum Zum.

        2. 1. LUNCH; the underrated meal of the day. You will miss out if you don't try Matt's in the Market for some stunning piece of fresh seafood and an even better view. You'll leave loving your life.
          2. DINNER: you can be sure your clients will leave Canlis spoiled and with a fabulous taste in their mouth. Canlis has, in my humble opinion, the best NORTHWEST experience in the city. They basically coined the term "northwest cuisine," have won every award in the book, and you almost always meet the owner and feel like they gave you uniquely special treatment. Some people are deterred by the dress code but I feel like it recaptures a lost respectability that says to your clients/friends "I am taking this evening seriously, and I take you seriously."

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          1. re: Reorrico

            This is a nicely worded and sensible rationale for a dress code. Well put, Reorrico!

            1. re: Reorrico

              Fabulous! I will report back in July!

            2. #1 sushi - Nishino or Shiro's
              #2 take out = if for lunch take out = Buffalo Deli or Gretchen's. For dinner, try Wild Ginger
              #3 Lunch downtown = Matt's in the Market or Metropolitan Grill if you're a steak person. I am not wild about McCormick & Schmick anytime or the Brooklyn for anything except oysters and happy hour.
              #4.Dinner = Canlis, Palisades, Waterfront Seafood Grill, Ray's-- I have had outstanding business dinners at all 4 of these places.