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May 29, 2008 06:22 PM

One night in North Conway

My husband and I are staying at the Mount Washington Hotel for one night- I am not interested in eating there, but would like recommendations on where you would go if you had one night there...

I am avoiding Horsefeathers and the Red Parka Pub because we always eat there...

We are planning to go to Peachs for breakfast... I've got that one planned... I am clueless for dinner.

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  1. I would get some yummy soft cheese, artisan bread and a bottle of wine and picnic on the grounds or, in my room. Why would you want to leave the facility? There is really no reason, the Mount Washington isn't in North Conway, which honestly, should be avoided if at all possible. However, the 1785 Inn is lovely.

    1. Try Maestro's in North Conway or White Mountain cider company in Glen.

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        Maestro's is really good, and surprisingly inexpensive. Nice sandwiches, Italian entrees, and a good deli if you want to do the take-it-back to the hotel thing.
        White Mountain cider Company is quite nice too.
        There are all those nice little places in Jackson too.

      2. Notchland Inn does a wonderful 5-course dinner Wed- Sun. It's open to non-guests. It's on the other side of Crawford Notch, much closer than N. Conway.

        1. Ledges at the White Mountain Hotel (At Hale's Location golf course)
          Wild Boar Tavern
          Casual, but good - Moat Mountain Smokehouse
          A little further away - Oxford House, Fryeburg Maine

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          1. re: steve999

            I loved Oxford House! We stayed there, in the Porch Room and were so enamoured by the food and service.

          2. Thank you for the ideas...
            We ended up eating at the Bretton Arms- whicn was nice... If you go, completely disregard the "Resort Casual" dress code. I was WAY overdressed in my Polo and khaki capris. It seems that biker t-shirt and ripped jeans is the new "resort casual".

            The Crab and Sesame Crusted grouper was TO DIE FOR.

            But--- Driving to Peach's for corned beef hash and the most amazing pancakes EVER was well worth the trip.

            Next time I want to try the Notchland inn...

            Thank you again!