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May 29, 2008 06:05 PM

Anthony Bourdain in PHX [moved from Southwest board]

Had lunch at Cooperstown today and about half way through Anthony Bourdain came in. Thought - hmm .. maybe he is in town for some misc reason and Cooperstown was close by. But after about 15 minutes he was joined by his film crew. By the time we finished lunch they had set up to shoot in the entry and someone was holding a hand held camera getting ready to shoot Anthony enjoying a lovely, frosty beer (sigh). Can only assume he is shooting an episode of "No Reservations" in PHX.

No Alice sightings though ...


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  1. Oh my god.

    I mean, I love Vince's place, they do bar food well -- but it's not so much the chow destination.

    Let's hope the episode isn't an excoriating 'Phoenix is a backwards cow-town' smear job. Or that the whole country doesn't see that and hear the bottom of the barrel being scraped.

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    1. re: themis

      OOOHH, I LOVE Bourdain, but Cooperstown?? That does worry me a bit...

      For an out of town guest hoping to experience the destination, I wouldn't likely send anyone there, for any reason, unless a game was happening...

      I just think we have more to offer from a food/drink perspective...esp if your time (air space!!??!!) is limited

      That said, I am about 1 generation late for appreciation of Alice Cooper and I might SERIOUSLY be missing the impact/draw of his name and authentic presence in Phoenix and with the restaurant. That might be the point I am missing...

      1. re: HomeCookKirsten

        Maybe it's a piece on restaurants at/near ballparks. At least I hope so.


      2. re: themis

        Especially since he could have spend 10 minutes on this board and gotten two dozen great recommendations.

        1. re: ajs228

          I find Mr. Bourdain entertaining (in small to moderate doses), but let's face it, these days he's as much a television "personality" as he is an culinary figure. I'm guessing the show's producers are more strongly motivated to display Bourdain's charms than they are to feature any particular locale's best food experiences. Moreover, one aspect of Bourdain's public image is his affinity for the edgier aspects of 1970s pop culture (see the many musical references in "Kitchen Confidential")..."Here we are at Alice Cooper's joint in downtown Phoenix [cut to vintage footage of Alice in full gender-bending regalia and make-up]. Back in the day, Alice shocked parents with his over the top costumes and irreverent lyrics." yadda yadda yadda...

          In sum, I'm not terribly surprised that a place like Cooperstown would show up on a program featuring Mr. Bourdain. Do I sound just a teensy bit cynical? ;-)

          1. re: ajs228

            Eh, I doubt he needed to solicit recommendations; the man knows enough chefs. I bet he makes the rounds of the better spots, even if it's off camera. I hope that he himself wanted to go to Cooperstown; I'd even wager he knows Vince. What I'm worried about is the flock of turistas who will see the show and make Cooperstown one of their destinations, and think that the best downtown Phoenix has to offer is an upgraded Hard Rock Cafe.

            1. re: themis


              That is always a possibility. However, if tourists do flock to PHX, I'd say that that was not a bad thing. If they are mis-informed, I feel sorry for them. I also wonder how many would know the differences.

              As has been stated, A Bourdain is a "personality," like Rachael Raye [SP?]. If some place(s) get TV press, well, good for the area. If the tourists scratch their heads, then they should check out CH, to get a fix on the area. I do wish the best for them, but just hope that they bring their $ and spend most of it here - even if it's not at the best eateries, in the Valley of the Sun.

              Sorry to be so mercenary, but I wonder about those, who follow "celebrities," with such acuity.


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                The way I see it, the more locally loved the restaurant is that's exhibited on travel/food shows, the worse it is for Phoenix residents.

                As soon as a place is flashed on TV, the crowds/wait explode. I'd prefer not to have to cross some of my favorites off of the "regular" list because I can no longer eat there without a baseline hour+ long wait.

                While it's great to see good restaurants get the press they rightly deserve, there's always a bit of an "oh sh*t" factor that goes along with it for the average patron (for purely selfish reasons, of course...).

                Ad far as Cooperstown goes, I've never been, so can't comment on the decision.What's it most notable for that might attract Bourdain?

        2. We own a restaurant in Cave Creek and heard a rumor several months ago that he was going to be at our place filming in early May. But May came and went (mostly!) without a sighting, till I read this post. Interesting . . .

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          1. re: mdepsmom

            For your spot, that is a shame. Looking back at his New Orleans piece, I'd say that he did a fair job with that area, though got caught up on some of the Katrina stuff a bit too much, considering the great restaurants that HAD reopened. OTOH, some of his episodes have really left me wondering what his agenda was. Maybe he'd have been good for you. However, it might not have worked that way, depending on who he chose to bash, since Emeril is not in Phoenix, or wasn't, last time I checked.

            In case you cannot pick up my drift - I am not a big fan of his. He's another Alton Brown, with a travel account.


          2. I'm surprised that he didn't just stop in at Oregano's to do a spot. Hey, "one size fits 'em all." Since it got all of the major category wins in the Republic, why go anywhere else?

            Just an observation,


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            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Lots of jumping to conclusions in this thread, considering no one really knows what he was filming there. I just think that's worth pointing out.

              1. re: boingo2000

                Yes, amazing how that happens. A Food Network star shows up with a film crew at a local restaurant. Heck, he was probably just shooting home movies...


            2. I bet Hohokam is correct and that the real draw for Bourdain was the notion of Alice Cooper's restaurant, not so much the food. I live in Southern California but semi-frequently attend Suns games when in town and have eaten at Cooper'sTown probably half a dozen times. I think their baby back ribs are really very good, and other things are decent as well.

              Of course it's not a culinary pinnacle but his show needs a variety of restaurants anyway.