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Peter Luger- Steak for 2 for 1 person

I want to preface this by saying I am no Luger virgin. I have been there many times and it is by far my favorite dining establishment in the world. I don't require a menu as most regulars don't. I know what I want. However, A couple of my 22 yr old buddies and I will be going there for a celebratory dinner and will be trying to accomplish something we have never tried. There will be four of us and I know me and my other friend are definitely going to try.... To devour the porterhouse for 2 all by ourselves.

I pride myself on being a steak lover and I know I can do it. Has anyone on the board ever accomplished the feat? If not I will glady take the leftovers home anyway since I can eat it everyday. The only question is do you think they will take issue with the fact that one person would try to order a steak for 2? I mean if we are willing to pay I am sure they would not care. And the other thing is we all like our steaks cooked differently- one likes it medium, one medium rare, one well done(I know don't get me started), and I am more of an in between rare and medium rare with a charred crust kinda guy,

However, I know over the past year there has been a huge shortage of beef, which is why they finally added the ribeye recently to the menu. I do not know how it is going to go down but we could possibly all order a steak for 2 just for ourselves making a grand total of 4 steak for 2's for 4 people. Gluttonous? Maybe so but we don't really care. It's our night out and our money. So the question is you think Luger will allow it? The only problem I can guess is space on the table for all that food lol. And yes we plan on also getting the bacon, fries, creamed spinac, onion rings, hot fudge sundae, etc. Really gunna be pigs and celebrate!

If worse comes to worse and for some reason they do not allow us to order steak for 2 for solo diners, I am thinking of just splitting a steak for 2 and a ribeye with my buddy since I always wanted to try it anyway. Wish me luck....ahhhh can't wait.

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  1. Please guys your in put would be much appreciated.

    1. I'd call ahead and ask. I wish I was young enough to eat all that stuff at dinner and not feel terrible at about 11 pm!!!

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        Yeah I know I will be feeling the after effects also but I just dont care. I eat at Luger's maybe twice or three times a year if lucky. For about 350 days a year I try to eat right and healthy. But these are three days I let loose. So when I get the chance I really stuff my face and eat til I am sick. I just can't help myself.

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          Your name says it all. lol!
          If you are able to pay the bill, you should be able to order whatever you want. It wouldn't be a concern in any other steak house but this is Luger's so I'd second jeanmarie's excellent suggestion and call ahead just to verify that it will fly.
          My only other suggestion would be to order it a bit rarer than you normally do, so as to optimize the reheating of leftovers. Eaating until you are sick is not only unwise, it can diminish the wonderful experience of the meal. Taking some home will allow you the pleasure of a 'second seating' .
          Have a great meal and let us know how it goes :-}

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            Tay I have been the Luger's many times as it is my favorite place on the planet. However, I have not tried it rare yet. Usually get medium rare with a nice charred crust because I share it with my dad who doesn't like it too rare.

            I on the other hand really love my steak less than medium rare, more like in between rare and medium rare with a nice charred crust. What has been your experience with ordering it rare? I don't want it to be purple and raw though. I prefer DEEP red and charred crust.

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              "What has been your experience with ordering it rare? I don't want it to be purple and raw though. I prefer DEEP red and charred crust

              "I don't order it rare. I was just thinking that if you decided to take some of it home, having any leftovers be rare would be better for reheating .If you order it rare, you can always eat the less rare part at dinner and take home the middle, which will be a bit less cooked. That way when you reheat, you'll still have something close to med rare.

      2. 3 guys eating a steak for 6? jesus, talk about carbon footprints...

        i'm with you though. luger's is my number 1 spot on earth; i haven't touched a menu there in years. my hat's off to you if you can finish that much food WITH the spinach, fries, etc. skipping the onion pockets is an painful, yet necessary move.

        best of luck to you. i dont really think you'll need to call ahead. if they can accommodate those massive table-for-12 wall street crowds who will order everything on the menu, they'll be able to handle 3 measly steaks. it's lugers man.

        side note - they sell ribeye now? jesus, what's wrong with this world...

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          It would actually be 4 of us .. potentially eating 4 steak for 2's (essentially steak for 8) lol. And to answer your question yes they do serve ribeye now because of the shortage of prime beef.

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            i don't eat at luger's that often (maybe once a year or so) but about 12 years ago went with some friends to luger's. They were meeting a cousin there. Sat at a big table upstairs, there were maybe 12 people. The cousin ordered a steak for 2 for each of us--12 of them!. When the bill came it was astronomical and my friend was so mad, she grabbed all the doggie bags and gave them to us. We ate luger's leftover for days!

        2. I support your quest as you have presented it--appetite, celebration, appreciation, willingness to pay, and thoughtfullness about what you want to do. Enjoy yourselves to the fullest! I know from your comment, "over the past year there has been a huge shortage of beef" that you will be a responsible consumer in the future.

          1. Since there is a meat shortage I'd say your responsability is to eat every bite and in doing so you are simply promoting sound Chow Hound ethics. Enjoy!

            1. PL will happily serve steak-for-two for one. In fact, steak for two is generally agreed to be the perfect size for the best flavor and texture. Anything smaller is too much edge, and bigger is too much center.

              Besides, unless you're Diamond Jim Brady (famous for eating the entire menu at a single setting), you'll get the wonderful leftovers to take home.

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                Well all went last night and it was amazing. Got ther porterhouse and it was sooooooooo amazing as always ahh pure paradise!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooo

                1. re: steakrules85

                  Ok so were you able to finish it all? :)

                  1. re: Docsknotinn

                    Unfortnately I couldnt but I did make a nice dent into it! Wanted to take home leftovers anyway. I could def do it if it wasn't for the bread, bacon, sides and sundae lol.

                    1. re: steakrules85

                      I think by breaking it down into two meals you get to double your enjoyment of a great meal with the added benefit of not stuffing yourself sick.
                      So glad you had a wonderful experience! :-}

                      1. re: Tay

                        Exactly had the leftovers tonight and they were just as good as always.

                        1. re: steakrules85

                          Good for you! I'm glad you had another enjoyable meal :-}

              2. i wouldn't do it. the juices will be cool, almost cold by the time you finish and that would seriously reduce the overall enjoyment of a dry-aged porterhouse.

                just my $0.02.

                1. wow. you guys have really redefined the term 'meathead.'