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May 29, 2008 04:53 PM

Best Carrot Cake?

Any ideas where the best can be had? Chez zee was ok, Trulucks was so-so..


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  1. Upper Crust Bakery.....for Carrot and Italian Cream..........and lots more. As good, if not better, than my homemade.

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    1. re: scoutaustin

      I second that. I deliberately ordered my husband's groom's cake waaaay too big so that we'd have LOTS of delicious leftovers.

    2. Sweetish Hill in my opinion is even better than Upper Crust

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      1. re: moosy

        AWESOME..thanks everyone. I also tried Madcakes which was good but I don't like the way they frost their cakes.

        I appreciate the feedback!


      2. We got a Sweetish Hill carrot cake for our wedding and it was so fantastic, there wasn't a lick left on the sheet. Seriously. Good. Carrot cake. Without a doubt, my recommendation.

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        1. re: albatx

          Geez...Now i'm drooling at work.



          1. re: albatx

            How sweet is it? I'm a big fan of "not so sweet" carrot cake......

            1. re: rudeboy

              Hmmm I'm on the other end. I LOVE terribly sweet cream cheese frosting...this is what i get for being on a no sugar diet.

     would like Madcakes then. It's moist and not so sweet!

              1. re: Trojanbabe

                You know, Babs, I do like the frosting to be sweet, a little twangy, and sparse. Its really the balance between the cake and that icing that gets me going. I do realize that you need some amount of sugar to make a cake taste carmely right......I'll try madcakes then.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. New World Deli has awesome carrot cake. Very moist. Light, sweet frosting on top and in between the 2 layers.