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Best Carrot Cake?

Any ideas where the best can be had? Chez zee was ok, Trulucks was so-so..


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  1. Upper Crust Bakery.....for Carrot and Italian Cream..........and lots more. As good, if not better, than my homemade.

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      I second that. I deliberately ordered my husband's groom's cake waaaay too big so that we'd have LOTS of delicious leftovers.

    2. Sweetish Hill in my opinion is even better than Upper Crust

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        AWESOME..thanks everyone. I also tried Madcakes which was good but I don't like the way they frost their cakes.

        I appreciate the feedback!


      2. We got a Sweetish Hill carrot cake for our wedding and it was so fantastic, there wasn't a lick left on the sheet. Seriously. Good. Carrot cake. Without a doubt, my recommendation.

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          Geez...Now i'm drooling at work.



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            How sweet is it? I'm a big fan of "not so sweet" carrot cake......

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              Hmmm I'm on the other end. I LOVE terribly sweet cream cheese frosting...this is what i get for being on a no sugar diet.

              Rudeboy..you would like Madcakes then. It's moist and not so sweet!

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                You know, Babs, I do like the frosting to be sweet, a little twangy, and sparse. Its really the balance between the cake and that icing that gets me going. I do realize that you need some amount of sugar to make a cake taste carmely right......I'll try madcakes then.

          2. New World Deli has awesome carrot cake. Very moist. Light, sweet frosting on top and in between the 2 layers.

            1. Pasta & Co. on Kerbey Lane has good carrot cake. It has pineapple, raisins and walnuts as well with a cream cheese frosting. they sell it by the slice, but I bet if you called ahead they would make a whole one for you.

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                we do make whole cakes @ Pasta & Co. with 48 hours notice. it doesn't have raisins...

              2. A friend of ours was previously a pastry chef at Eastside Cafe years ago. She gave us a copy of an apparently long out of print Eastside cookbook with an amazing carrot cake/cream cheese frosting recipe in it. It is still on the dessert menu although we haven't tried it from the restaurant. Oddy enough, I ate a leftover cupcake from the recipe for dessert tonight.

                1. I've had the carot cake that Central Market sells by the slice and was not terribly impressed, but yesterday I had one of their carrot cake cupcakes and it was really good. The cake was moist and dense (it had been refrigerated for a day or two and then left out to return to room temp - I have no clue what effect, if any, that had on the cake's texture) and the icing was sweet but not too sweet. The proportion of icing to cake was good. It did not have the little seeds or whatever they are that CM puts around the outside of its carrot cake cakes. All in all, I thought their carrot cake cupcakes were a lot beter than the cake slices.

                  1. Bakerman's has very good carrot cake. I purchased a carrot cake last year for my boyfriend's Birthday, and it was so good that he asked if I would get the same cake for his Birthday this year. The only issue is it's pricey....a cake that serves 6 was $45. Upper Crust carrot cake doesn't have nuts or raisins in their cake, so if you like a little curnch or texture, Upper Crust isn't the carrot cake for you.

                    1. Hmmm, now here's my dilema - should I get carrot cake from Sweetish Hill or Upper Crust? I want to try something new this year for the B-day carrot cake.
                      Any suggestions???

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                        Both are very good, but I think SH is better, more moist.

                      2. I do like the carrot cake at Upper Crust, and I know that I've had the one at Sweetish Hill. The fact that I can't recall it means that it did not impress me. I think the one that is available by the slice at Whole Foods is surprisingly good, but the best one I've tried lately is the new carrot cake cupcake that Sugar Mama's is offering. Delicious, moist cake and a great cream cheese frosting.

                        If you're up for cooking your own, there was a very simple recipe from Cook's Illustrated that I liked. They called it "simple carrot cake" or something similar. I particularly enjoyed the variation that included cardamom.