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May 29, 2008 04:19 PM

Help! Lahey Clinic/Peabody Blues

Here is my food emergency: headed to the Lahey Clinic Monday (from Maine), most likely for bad news, maybe terrible, of course, we'd like a fabulous late lunch in the Essex Center Drive area, or somewhere between Peabody and home. REALLY fabulous. Will swap for any and all questions about Maine dining.

Much thanks in advance (we try to be polite, this far north)!

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  1. Aside from a cheesecake factory and a legals seafood in the mall, there is not much that is worthy in the immediate area. The cafeteria is actually quite good as hospital cafeterias go (and I have known many) but is certainly not "fabulous." Might I suggest a quick snack followed by a stop in Newburyport or Portsmouth for the late lunch... plenty of worthy places and on the way home. Might give some time to digest the news, and allow better lunch digestion.

    Good luck.

    1. Pellana is close and very good but doesn't open until 4pm.

      1. In peabody center is a brazillain restauran named fire bull that is supposed to be delish, also a bar called the courthouse has good steak tips.
        Best of luck to you!

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          Fire Bull is pretty good. The only caveat I have found is that the meat there is VERY salty. Even more so than your normal Brazilian steakhouse.

          Close by is also Su Chang's which has very good Chinese. For Italian there was Bellino's which used to be Downtown (probably not close enough anyway) but I think it has closed.

          Best of luck at the Clinic.

        2. I second Su Changs, if you're in the mood for Asian food, and it's very close to Lahey. In the mall itself, I'd recommend Joe's American or Legal's. Joe's does not have adventurous food, but their salads are fresh and not skimpy on ingredients (I like the asian chicken), and they have several decadent steak/potato options. The service is always attentive, too. Legal's gets a bad rap on this board, but I've had excellent meals at this particular one, and their fried food is just wonderful--no grease to be found, and an enormous amount of very high quality fish/shellfish in their fisherman's platter. If you can't stand eating at the mall, I'd recommend somewhere in Newburyport, where there are lots of good restaurants in a small area downtown. Not Your Average Joe's has a really nice outdoor area, hard to beat on a nice day. Again, food is not inventive, but it's good, has many options for decadent desserts, etc. I haven't been, but the Black Cow generally gets good reviews, and it's right on the water.

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          1. re: Northshoregirl

            I have to respectfully disagree about this particular Legal Seafood; it ranks right up there with the worst. My mother lives across from the mall, and I've never had a well-prepared piece of fish there, never mind abysmal service...

            Su Chang's is pretty good, for outside of boston, especially if you know what you're looking for (they take requests)...
            I'd go to the Trackside Pub in downtown Peabody for comfort Portquese, and a feew glasses of wine, myself...Excellent octopus...

          2. Wishing you the best and the strength to deal with whatever news you receive.
            Organic Garden in Beverly...delicious and healthy!